Monster Hunter Portable 3rd News

Sony "will probably be the last to announce" next-gen plans

French boss suggests Monster Hunter Vita due out soon.

Japanese games market shrunk 8% in 2011 despite 3DS launch

Mario Land, Mario Kart best-selling games.

Big games missing from PSP to Vita UMD Passport list

No Monster Hunter, no MGS Peace Walker.

Survey finds Japan uninterested in Wii U, Vita

A worrying sign for Sony's PSP stronghold.

Japan charts: 3DS, Monster Hunter rule

Big drops for PSP, Wii, DS.

PSP Remasters coming to PS3 in HD

Monster Hunter first. Metal Gear Solid next?

Monster Hunter "goodness" for the West

Will Portable 3rd launch on these shores?

Dead Rising 2, Lost Planet 2 sales

Plus, Super Street Fighter IV does well.

Capcom demos Monster Hunter PS2 NGP

Spectacularly teases Lost Planet 2.

What is Capcom's fastest-selling game?

Clue: it's not Street Fighter.

New Monster Hunter sells 2m in a week

And Japan PSP sales go through the roof.

Sony unveils rejigged Monster Hunter PSP

Features new analogue stick, speakers, grips.