Monster Hunter Freedom Unite News

Monster Hunter Freedom Unite for iPad and iPhone heading west

New trailer for Monster Hunter 4 Ultimate released.

Big games missing from PSP to Vita UMD Passport list

No Monster Hunter, no MGS Peace Walker.

What is Capcom's fastest-selling game?

Clue: it's not Street Fighter.

Strategy guides heading to PSN

PlayView service launches in Japan soon.

Kojima reveals Monster Hunter crossover

PSP game to star Felyne as well as Snake.

MH Tri Portable is "a rumour" - Capcom

"Not even remotely close" to announcement.

Monster Hunter PSP heads online

New adhocParty service on Tuesday.

PSP's adhocParty system for Europe

Play ad hoc-only games over the internet.

PSP to get Monster Hunter spin-off

Starring the famous cats, says Capcom.

Capcom profits up despite low BC sales

Monster Hunter also "weak" in West.

Monster Hunter to get weekly DLC

PSP game will expand over coming months.

UK Charts: Fight Night 4 the champ

But fellow newcomers disappoint.

Monster Hunter PSP bundle detailed

Branded skin! Out 26th June.

PSN update: Monster Hunter and more

Rock Band Unplugged demo, for example.

Monster Hunter PSP demo next week

Co-op enabled, here on Thursday.

Sony plans major Monster Hunter push

Reeves dates game with bundle, demo.

New Monster Hunter demo due in June

Capcom promises multiple missions.

New PSP Monster Hunter for Europe

The one that's winning Japan.

Capcom "still making new PSP games"

"100 per cent" denies giving up on it.

PSP and Monster Hunter leading in Japan

Bi-annual figures revealed.

PSP takes top spots in Japan

Hardware and software victory.

Japanese top 10 nearly all Nintendo

But PSP still top of hardware pops.

PSP thumps competition in Japan

Monster Hunter proves quite popular.

Japan likes Monster Hunter 2G a lot

One million shipped in six days.

New Monster Hunter for PSP

Little expansion-type affair.