Monster Hunter Portable 3rd

FeatureAs Monster Hunter turns 10, can Capcom finally make the west listen?

We interview its creator Ryozo Tsujimoto to find out.

10 years ago today Capcom released the first Monster Hunter game. It launched in Japan for the PlayStation 2 as part of a new initiative from Capcom's Production Studio 1 designed to test the waters of online console gaming. It was a triumvirate that included cel-shaded racing game Auto Modellista, the multiplayer-focused Resident Evil: Outbreak and, of course, Monster Hunter. Capcom hoped at least one would sell a million copies, what the company considered then to be the mark of a hit title. One did.


Sony "will probably be the last to announce" next-gen plans

French boss suggests Monster Hunter Vita due out soon.

Sony reckons it'll be the last to announce its next generation plans.

Sony France boss Philippe Cardon told (translated by Eurogamer's Oli Welsh) the Japanese company won't be rushed in the next-gen race.

"It's true that there are a lot of rumours, but I can't tell you anything," he told the interviewer.

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Monster Hunter continues Japan success

Set to be best-selling game for 2010.

Monster Hunter Freedom 3, or Monster Hunter Portable 3rd as it's known in the west, looks set to become the best-selling game in Japan for the 2010 financial year.

New Monster Hunter PSP announced

New Monster Hunter PSP announced

Out in Japan by the end of the year.

A new Monster Hunter PSP game will be released in Japan by the end of the year.

It's simply dubbed Monster Hunter Portable 3rd. Capcom's aim is very much to continue where the rip-roaringly successful (in the East) last instalment, Monster Hunter Freedom Unite, left off. To that end, co-operative play will gain "new elements of communication" as well as extra layers of polish.

Also promised are an improved Felyne Comrade System plus, of course, new monsters to kill and regions to explore.

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