Monkey Bump

App of the Day: Monkey Bump

App of the Day: Monkey Bump

Simian mobile gusto.

Recently I was chatting to fellow Eurogamer contributor and official Nicest Man In Games Journalism Christian Donlan about the important issues of the day. Opening with a discussion about Friz Freleng and Robert Palmer - like any good conversation should - the topic then turned to in-game buttons on iOS, and how some are much better than others, even though the interaction itself is no different.

We discussed the way you get a real 'feel' from apps when you press their icon; similarly, both of us felt the swiping motion to unlock an iDevice was somehow incredibly satisfying. We talked about a shared dislike of in-game buttons in titles like League of Evil, and then Chris said something that initially sounded really stupid, but turned out to be actually quite brilliant.

"The best single button-press on iOS is probably Canabalt," he said. "And there isn't a button. But it feels like one. And there's no sound. But you sort of hear it in your finger."

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