Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 2 News

Call of Duty Modern Warfare 2 Remaster launches tomorrow

UPDATE: Activision finally confirms - and announces PS4 timed exclusivity.

Jason West hasn't worked at Respawn since May last year - report

Left for family reasons after Activision lawsuit was settled.

Painting on wall of Modern Warfare 2 toilet upsets some Muslims

Favela map pulled out of rotation by Activision.

Could PEGI combat the inevitable next-gen "the violence is so real!" media outcry?

"Hopefully, we will have done enough education," says UKIE.

EA: "Activision's refusal to pay their talent and attempt to blame EA were absurd"

Rival publisher calls settlement "a vindication of Vince and Jason".

Activision vs Zampella & West case settled out of court

Terms of the deal are "strictly confidential".

Activision vs. West/Zampella trial delayed

Plus, judge rules the case must be wrapped up in 22 days.

Zampella, West now want over $1 billion in damages from Activision

Sum balloons from original $36 million figure.

Activision attempted to hack Zampella/West email - report

Project Icebreaker unveiled in court documents.

Activision vs EA trial settled out of court

"Activision and EA have agreed to put this matter behind them."

Activision pays out $42m to former Modern Warfare devs

Ex-Infinity Ward staff awarded £26 million pre-trial payout.

Ex-Call of Duty dev Robert Bowling founds new game studio

Stresses need for "complete control" over work.

EA's request to throw out Activision lawsuit is denied

Date set for West/Zampella contract interference trial.

EU PlayStation Store update 7th December

BF3: Back to Karkand! Mortal Kombat! Ratchet for £49.99!

How Infinity Ward re-built itself

Alcohol helped, apparently.

18 million Black Ops map packs sold

Average user spends $76 on the game.

Games taken off shelves after Oslo killings

Coop Norway de-lists 51 titles, inc. COD.

West/Zampella lawsuit to go to trial

Judge rules Acti must answer fraud charges.

Activision: COD Elite will kill cheaters

Dedicated staff ensure nothing "exposed".

Gamers' Voice slams Keith Vaz

Attacks "amateurish" early day motion.

Modern Warfare 3 patches a "major focus"

Infinity Ward heard your feedback.

IW: Modern Warfare 3 leak partly accurate

Bowling: "I'd wait for the real reveal."

More COD Modern Warfare 3 details

More "epic" story, more destructible.

COD Modern Warfare 3 date - report

Game codenamed Project Collossus.

Channel 5 defends The Wright Stuff

"We always aim for balance."

Microsoft warns of Xbox Live "fishing"

Scammers target Modern Warfare 2.

Gamers' Voice slams The Wright Stuff

Makes official complaint.

Zampella/West claim Modern Warfare

Former IW heads accuse Acti of fraud.

Call of Duty No Russian actors "tearful"

"Sometimes we become desensitised."

New COD engine "counter-productive"

Infinity Ward's Robert Bowling is back.

Modern Warfare 3 reveal for GDC

UPDATE: Activision says timer website is a hoax.

Geohot: Call of Duty hacks not my fault

"I have never played PS3 online ever."

MW2 linked to Russian airport bombing

Terrorists train on COD, expert claims.

IW targets Modern Warfare 2 PS3 hacks

Robert Bowling had a good meeting.

EA email implies Zampella sabotaged COD

It was "a joke", insists EA.

Infinity Ward blames MW2 hacks on PS3

Future games won't rely on console security.

Vaz: "Iíve never been against games"

Controversial MP speaks to Eurogamer.

Modern Warfare prequel rumoured

Infinity Ward comeback to tell Ghost story?

Activision lawsuit holding up Respawn

Legal battle taking its toll on West, Zampella.

Paid-for "second tier" COD online soon?

Analyst expects it in the next few months.

Will Activision block Respawn's EA game?

Sledgehammer tipped for Nov 2011 COD.

EA slams Activision's "PR play"

$400m damages claim "filled with pettiness".

Panorama criticised by friend of "addict"

Games documentary's claims "exaggerated".

UK teen arrested for Call of Duty DDOS

"Phenom Booter" cripples shooter.

Infinity Ward restructuring complete

Activision "happy" with the results.

Call of Duty takes top two XBL spots

Black Ops dethrones Modern Warfare 2.

EA responds to Bobby Kotick slur

COD destroyed by "Kotick's own hubris".

COD creators "betrayed" me - Kotick

"We didn't have any choice!"

Man tries to finish MW2 without killing

Multiplayer feat already well underway.

COD: MW2 UK's best-selling game ever

Headshots Dr Kawashima's Brain Training.

StarCraft II US sales monstrous

Best-selling game in July.

Acti: IW "will rise from the ashes"

Publisher promises to leave developer alone.

5000 applied to work on COD

Infinity Ward and Sledgehammer ranks swell.

Acti laments poor Blur, Singularity sales

Insists it marketed both appropriately.

COD map packs surpass 20m sales

Kotick that off the list.

Valve unbans Steam MW2 players

Wrongly banned customers given free L4D2.

MW2 Resurgence Pack out now on PC

And tomorrow on PS3 for 11 quid.

Modern Warfare 2 hits 20m sales

Activision eyeing second-hand market.

MW2 Resurgence Pack gets PC/PS3 date

Early July for belated ports.

MW2 Resurgence DLC at 6pm UK

Activision clarifies arrival times.

Bowling details Resurgence DLC maps

Confirms price as 1200 MS Points.

New Modern Warfare 2 DLC dated

Resurgence Pack on track for June.

More MW2 DLC in second half of 2010

Likely to stick with $15 price point.

Analyst predicts Infinity Ward closure

Still reckons Modern Warfare 3 will happen.

Infinity Ward employees file royalty suit

Claiming $625 million in MW2 bonuses.

IW situation is an "opportunity" for devs

Acti COO talks through COD situation.

More Infinity Ward staff take off

Activision says "proven talent" remains.

Zampella now "daunted" and "excited"

EA grabbed at "stunning opportunity".

COD duo: Acti claims "false, outrageous"

EA's Jeff Brown takes a pop as well.

Acti: Modern Warfare 3 "held hostage"

Claims West/Zampella were very naughty.

Crysis 2 writer slams Modern Warfare 2

IW "way too impressed with themselves".

MW2 Stimulus Pack dated for PC and PS3

DLC maps to arrive early next month.

MW2 Stimulus pack sells 2.5m

Plus: game now played for 200,000 years.

MW2 free on Steam this weekend

Try doing it with others.

MW2 DLC drama was "process failure"

Xbox Live ops man talks you through it.

MW2 Stimulus DLC doesn't work

Update: Major Nelson reckons it's fixed.

Mod War 2 double XP event starts early

New DLC and updates out today.

IW denies West/Zampella fallout

Studio is "focused on DLC".

Bowling and Infinty Ward "love" BFBC2

Not bothered by EA marketing 'digs'.

Modern Warfare 2 double-XP weekend

Planned for start of April.

Ex-Infinity Ward men head to Hollywood

Zampella and West join Creative Artists.

MW2 Stimulus Package costs 1200 MSP

Five maps detailed for March DLC.

Schappert "disappointed" by MW2 lawsuit

EA exec takes a pop at Activision.

Modern Warfare 2 DLC named

"Stimulus Package" due out this month.

First Modern Warfare 2 DLC this month

Initial 360 pack due at end of month.

Modern Warfare 2 hits 25m unique players

"DLC details coming this week."

West/Zampella suit details "inquisition"

How they went from MW to unemployment.

Report: COD duo were talking to EA

Activision says $36m claim is "meritless".

Activision holding back MW2 royalties?

The rabbit hole goes deeper.

Infinity Ward studio heads sacked?

Activision investigating "insubordination".

No Nazis or zombies for MW2

Not part of Infinity Ward's DLC plan.

Nine BAFTA nominations for Uncharted 2

Plus loads for Batman, Assassin's, MW2.

Activision: new COD won't beat MW2

New Tony Hawk, DJ Hero, Bond in 2010.

MW2 was world's best-seller in 2009

But Wii is second, third, fourth, fifth.

Microsoft clarifies Mod War 2 DLC deal

Will be exclusive to Xbox 360 for 30 days.

Peter Jackson enjoying Mod War 2

Likes games more than films right now.

UK charts: Just Dance defeats MW2

Ubisoft's Wii game comes from behind.

WGA announces game writing nominees

Assassin's! Uncharted! Wolverine! etc.

Modern Warfare 2 makes a billion dollars

Activision's Dr. Evil gets his just desserts.

Modern Warfare 2 wins 2009 in UK

FIFA 10 and FIFA 2009 also in top 10.

UK charts: MW2 beats Bayonetta

New entries fail to shake Xmas standings.

Halo 3 beats COD on Live in 2009

Plus Indie, Xbox, XBLA and GfW lists.

Infinity Ward not doing Mod War 3?

Studio working on new project, says source.

UK charts: MW2 celebrates 8 weeks on top

Stagnant list to be shaken by busy Q1?

UK charts: MW2 is Christmas number one

Bravo whiskey parsnip reindeer.

PC Modern Warfare 2 mod tools soon?

Community man teases possibility.

MW2's unlimited ammo bug under scrutiny

"Eliminated soon enough," says Bowling.

Modern Warfare 2 wins America 2009

But Nintendo dominates rest of charts.

UK charts: new Zelda off track

Modern Warfare 2 out-guns competition.

Mod War games too samey, says EA

Boss reckons MOH can topple 'em.

Using MW2 exploit will get Live suspension

24-hour bans for using the Javelin glitch.

Should the Army use games to recruit?

British former Major argues the toss.

UK charts: MW2 untouchable on top

LEGO Rock Band off to a blocky start.

Call of Duty marches past $3bn mark

Activision's "greatest" has sold 55m units.

Valve: boycott Steamworks, miss out

MW2 sold an "awful lot", says Holtman.

Modern Warfare 2 DLC in spring 2010

"Wonderfully vague," says Bowling.

Play Modern Warfare 2 for charity

Activision and IW to donate £250k.

UK charts: Assassin's Creed II denied

Modern Warfare 2 still reigns supreme.

Infinity Ward defends UK MW2 PC sales

3% of other versions' sales still good.

IW wanted you "close to atrocity" in MW2

Every tester "opened fire on the crowd".

Modern Warfare 2 sets Xbox Live records

Stat-happy Activision blows trumpet.

Activision enlists third COD studio

Takes load off Treyarch, Infinity Ward.

BBC's The Big Questions addresses MW2

Are games damaging us, asks Campbell?

Activision chose to censor Russian MW2

Our decision to axe airport scene, it says.

Modern Warfare 2 recalled in Russia?

Update: It's not banned, says Activision.

UK charts: MW2 rewrites the record books

Activision's game sells staggeringly well.

Acti boss makes $20 million from shares

Waited till MW2 week to sell. Smart.

Activision: MW2 sold 4.7m in one day

And that's just in the UK and US.

Chart-Track defends MW2 sales count

Analyst questions hasty results.

Fairbrass hints at MW2 expansion

"Other little bits" discussed with 'Ghost'.

MW2 gets Trophy patch, MP issues linger

Bowling: PSN struggling with demand.

MW2 doubles GTAIV first-day sales

Activision pockets 47 million quid.

Spec Ops DLC possible for MW2

"There's totally a chance for it."

MW2 "controversial for the sake of it"

BBC Radio 4 discusses Activision's game.

Steam MW2 locked until Thursday

But retail PC owners can play now.

5500 join MP's pro-game movement

Facebook pressure group takes off.

MW2 street date "most broken in history"

Retailers lash out at supermarkets, etailers.

"Violent" MW2 discussed in Parliament

Government stands behind age ratings.

GameStop admits breaking MW2 street

To "protect" customer base in some areas.

PC version of MW2 locked till Tues

Early delivery doesn't mean early fun.

GAME denies shipping MW2 early

"Doing everything we can" for Tues.

D2D, Impulse, Gamersgate boycott MW2

Not happy with Valve's Steamworks.

Activision president defends MW2 PC

"Improves consumer experience overall."

PC Modern Warfare 2 multiplayer shrinks

Falls in-line with console cap of 18 players.

MW2 stock has "not been sent out"

HMV explains delivery emails.

Zimmer: games "absolutely" an art form

"That we can't question any more."

IW: "We don't feel tied to making COD"

Plus: Wii not really suitable for MW2.

MW2 boards reset likely prior to launch

Plus: possible perk/killstreak lists leaked.

IW pulls viral with gay slur acronym

Bowling "can appreciate the concerns".

MW2 will "evoke terrorism atrocities"

Activision responds to shocking footage.

Shocking MW2 footage leaked

IW plays controversy card. Spoilers!

Third-person confirmed for MW2

Private matches only.

MW2 picks Steamworks over GfW - Live

Valve gains glitziest supporter yet.

Leicester Square to host MW2 launch

UK celebs to smile for the camera.

Infinity Ward defends MW2's IWNet

"Biggest investment ever" for PC version.

No dedicated servers for PC MW2

"You're completely reliant on IWNet."

Bookies now taking bets on Xmas No. 1

Mod War and Ass Creed sequels favourite.

Modern Warfare 2 delayed on PC?

Rumours suggest two-week hold-up.

Modern Warfare 2 DLC in spring

Energy drink outs map pack.

Modern Warfare 2 demo is unlikely

Infinity Ward focusing on full game.

GAME unveils MW2 Veteran Package

Boasts statue of Soap for 120 quid.

Modern Warfare 2-themed 360 unveiled

It's got a big fat 250GB hard drive.

Activison predicts console-free future

Plans to "take the fun out of making games".

IW confirms dual-wield for MW2

Plus: Mad Catz lists game accessories.

Public MW2 beta may still happen - IW

Multiplayer still a "major focus", says dev.

50 Cent does voiceover for COD: MW2

"Watch your fire!" "Tango down!" etc.

COD Classic for PSN/XBLA "eventually"

Pack-in to get separate release one day.

ShopTo: MW2 price sets "worrying trend"

Says Forza 3 and Layton are following suit.

Pachter: Activision MW2 price "is a test"

Nothing to do with weak pound, he says.

Publishers schtum on UK price increase

Only EA openly responds to Activision's play.

Mod War 2 Prestige Edition costs 120 quid

Night-vision bundle exclusive to HMV.

Modern Warfare 2 costs GBP 55

Correction: NFS Shift priced normally.

MW2 Prestige Edition costs USD 149

Night-vision bumps up the price.

MW2 comes with night-vision goggles

Working NVGs in Prestige Edition.

It's COD: Modern Warfare 2 after all

Was always going to be, apparently.

Modern Warfare co-op is for two players

Any more would be a "clusterf***" - dev.

COD online to be subscription-based?

MMO chatter resurfaces with survey.

Modern Warfare 2 is direct sequel

"Not just another one in the COD franchise."

E3: Modern Warfare 2 DLC 360 exclusive

First two map packs. For a while, at least.

Call of Duty 4 has 13m players on Live

That's more than World of Warcraft.

Modern Warfare 2 trailer and shots

Story and Special Forces stuff glimpsed.

Modern Warfare 2 blown wide open

Locations, scenarios, story, SF mode, etc.

MW2 to be best-selling game of all time

That's Activision's plan, anyway.

Modern Warfare 2 ditches COD name

Activision says COD4 has sold 12m units.

Modern Warfare 2 definitely out this year

ActiBlizz makes Call of Duty return official.

Infinity Ward doing Call of Duty 6

Welcome confirmation from Activision.