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It looks like a Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 2 campaign remaster is coming to PS4

Eagle-eyed internet observers have spotted a new PEGI rating for Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 2 Campaign Remastered on PS4 - and it's probably not unreasonable to infer this means a remastered version of Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 2's campaign is coming relatively soon.

This wouldn't be the first time Activision has wielded its big remaster stick for the Call of Duty franchise, of course. In 2016, the publisher unleashed Call of Duty: Modern Warfare Remastered upon the world (which is part of PS Plus this month, by the way) - delivering an extensive remake of the original's solo campaign and multiplayer component.

It sounds like this new remaster (whose PEGI listing, reported by Gematsu, vanished mid-way through writing this story) will be the solo campaign only, infamous No Russian level and all.

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Activision vs. West/Zampella trial delayed

Plus, judge rules the case must be wrapped up in 22 days.

Activision's high profile courtroom showdown with sacked Infinity Ward founders Jason West and Vince Zampella has been postponed by a few days.

Activision attempted to hack Zampella/West email - report

Project Icebreaker unveiled in court documents.

Activision attempted to hack into email and phone messages belonging to Infinity Ward bosses Jason West and Vince Zampella prior to the pair's dismissal in 2010, according to documents pertaining to the forthcoming court battle between the two parties.

Activision vs EA trial settled out of court

"Activision and EA have agreed to put this matter behind them."

UPDATE 2: Even though Activision has settled with EA, its argument with Infinity Ward founders Zampella and West still stands and will go to court later this month.

EA's request to throw out Activision lawsuit is denied

Date set for West/Zampella contract interference trial.

A US superior court judge has denied EA's request to throw out Activision's $400 million contract-interference suit relating to the departure of Infinity Ward co-founders Jason West and Vince Zampella last year.

EU PlayStation Store update 7th December

EU PlayStation Store update 7th December

BF3: Back to Karkand! Mortal Kombat! Ratchet for 49.99!

Long-delayed Mortal Kombat Arcade Kollection has finally launched on the EU PlayStation Store this week. The compilation contains 2D classics Mortal Kombat, Mortal Kombat 2 and Ultimate Mortal Kombat 3 in one bundle.

The game had originally been due for an August launch alongside its Xbox Live Arcade counterpart, but continually failed to appear, something Sony blamed on a "technical issue".

Back to Karkand, the first Battlefield 3 expansion, went live earlier this week and contains four maps from previous Battlefield instalments. PlayStation 3 gamers get it a week before their PC and Xbox 360 friends.

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How Infinity Ward re-built itself

Alcohol helped, apparently.

Working on Modern Warfare 3 following the departure of studio heads Jason West and Vince Zampella in early 2010 was "an extremely tough time" according to the game's producer Mark Rubin.

West/Zampella lawsuit to go to trial

Judge rules Acti must answer fraud charges.

Modern Warfare creators Jason West and Vincent Zampella's case against Activision will now likely go to trial, following a ruling in the pair's favour this week.

Activision: COD Elite will kill cheaters

Dedicated staff ensure nothing "exposed".

Amid the ongoing Sony hack furore, Activision has pledged to ensure that Call of Duty: Elite, the new multiplayer-focused service set to launch alongside Modern Warfare 3 this November, will help rid the game of cheaters.

Gamers' Voice slams Keith Vaz

Attacks "amateurish" early day motion.

UK gamer rights group Gamers' Voice has attacked notorious anti-video game MP Keith Vaz for tabling an "amateurish" early day motion.

Modern Warfare 3 patches a

Modern Warfare 3 patches a "major focus"

Infinity Ward heard your feedback.

Modern Warfare 3 will not suffer from its predecessor's lack of post-launch support, Infinity Ward has insisted.

Infinity Ward creative strategist Robert Bowling tweeted that constant patches would be a top priority for the developer.

"That is a major focus of mine and the entire team since the feedback from Modern Warfare 2," Bowling wrote.

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More COD Modern Warfare 3 details

More COD Modern Warfare 3 details

More "epic" story, more destructible.

A new report suggests the story of Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 3 - thought to be codenamed Project Collossus [sic] and due out 8th November - will be of a much grander scale than previous Modern Warfare games.

As the story unfolds, multiple countries will be drawn in to the conflict, Kotaku heard from a source - creating a potential World War III scenario.

As for a time-line, Modern Warfare 3 apparently starts where MW2 stopped. Urban warfare, where tanks rumble through streets used by cars, will be the game's bread and butter.

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Channel 5 defends The Wright Stuff

"We always aim for balance."

The editor of topical discussion show The Wright Show has defended last month's 'Do shoot 'em up games lead to real violence?' episode in which panellists linked video game violence to real world violence.

Zampella/West claim Modern Warfare

Former IW heads accuse Acti of fraud.

Sacked Infinity Ward bosses Jason West and Vince Zampella could be entitled to hold onto the Modern Warfare brand should their lawsuit against Activision be successful.

Call of Duty No Russian actors "tearful"

"Sometimes we become desensitised."

The voice over actors who played the terrorists in Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 2's controversial No Russian level were "tearful" as they delivered lines, one of the developers has revealed.

New COD engine "counter-productive"

Infinity Ward's Robert Bowling is back.

Whereas Battlefield 3 boasts a new engine that gamers are raving about, Call of Duty has made do with a modified, ageing IW engine - version 4.0 was used for Modern Warfare 2.

Modern Warfare 3 reveal for GDC

UPDATE: Activision says timer website is a hoax.

UPDATE: Activision claims the countdown timer website is a hoax. "There seems to be a great deal of speculation about the next Call of Duty project," said the publisher in a statement issued this evening. "Let me be clear that we are not revealing yet. Anything indicating otherwise is a hoax."

Geohot: Call of Duty hacks not my fault

"I have never played PS3 online ever."

George "Geohot" Hotz, currently being sued by Sony for cracking the PlayStation 3's security wide open, has denied his actions have led to hacks ruining first-person shooter Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 2.

MW2 security patch nearly ready

MW2 security patch nearly ready

For all platforms.

An all platforms patch for Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 2 will launch soon, Infinity Ward has announced.

It will address "security issues that have affected online play", community man Robert Bowling said on the game's official forum.

The patch, which has finished production and is now going through internal quality assurance, will release for PC, PlayStation 3 and Xbox 360.

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MW2 linked to Russian airport bombing

Terrorists train on COD, expert claims.

Modern Warfare 2's infamous No Russian stage could have influenced the terrorists behind this week's suicide bombing at a Moscow airport, Russian state media has claimed.

IW targets Modern Warfare 2 PS3 hacks

Robert Bowling had a good meeting.

Infinity Ward is still working to resolve hacking issues that have impacted Modern Warfare 2 players on PlayStation 3, which it last week blamed on crumbling PS3 security.

EA email implies Zampella sabotaged COD

It was "a joke", insists EA.

Former Infinity Ward boss Vince Zampella deliberately conspired against his then-employer Activision by holding back the release of a Modern Warfare 2 map pack until after the release of EA's Battlefield: Bad Company 2, court documents made public today suggest.

Infinity Ward blames MW2 hacks on PS3

Future games won't rely on console security.

Frustrated by Modern Warfare 2 hacks? Infinity Ward feels your pain. But don't blame the developer. Blame Sony and the PlayStation 3's compromised security.

Vaz: "Ive never been against games"

Controversial MP speaks to Eurogamer.

He was the guest that no-one expected to see and yet Keith Vaz MP, Parliament's most hostile critic of the industry, turned out last night at an event in support of gaming, claiming: "I've never been against games".

Modern Warfare prequel rumoured

Infinity Ward comeback to tell Ghost story?

Infinity Ward's first game since the headline grabbing sackings of early 2010 will be a prequel to the first Modern Warfare, according to insider chit-chat.

Activision lawsuit holding up Respawn

Legal battle taking its toll on West, Zampella.

Fired Call of Duty creators Vince Zampella and Jason West have claimed the bitter legal battle between themselves and Activision is preventing their new studio Respawn Entertainment from getting going.

Will Activision block Respawn's EA game?

Sledgehammer tipped for Nov 2011 COD.

The increasingly bitter war between mega videogame companies Activision and Electronic Arts levelled up this week when the Call of Duty publisher attempted to drag its chief rival into its countersuit against ex-Infinity Ward stars Vince Zampella and Jason West.

EA slams Activision's "PR play"

$400m damages claim "filled with pettiness".

Electronic Arts has dismissed Activision's attempt to seek a whopping $400 million in damages over the sacking of ex-Infinity Ward stars Vince Zampella and Jason West as nothing more than a "PR play".

Activision sues EA for $400 million

Challenge everything.

Activision has filed suit against Electronic Arts seeking $400 million in damages as part of its ongoing litigation against two former Infinity Ward executives.

Panorama criticised by friend of "addict"

Games documentary's claims "exaggerated".

The friend of an alleged videogames addict who featured in Panorama's recent documentary, Addicted To Games?, has hit out at the makers' selective editing and "exaggerated view of games addiction and its causes".

COD creators "betrayed" me - Kotick

"We didn't have any choice!"

Activision Blizzard CEO Bobby Kotick has defended his decision to fire Call of Duty creators Vince Zampella and Jason West, insisting: "We didn't have any choice!"

StarCraft II US sales monstrous

StarCraft II US sales monstrous

Best-selling game in July.

Blizzard's science fiction real-time strategy game StarCraft II: Wings of Liberty obliterated sales of all other games released in the US in July, NPD said.

It sold an eye-watering 721,000 units at retail. StarCraft II was released on 27th July, so those sales were achieved in just five days.

StarCraft II is the fastest-selling strategy game ever.

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Acti: IW "will rise from the ashes"

Publisher promises to leave developer alone.

Modern Warfare developer Infinity Ward will "rise from the ashes" after the high-profile exodus that followed the sacking of Vince Zampella and Jason West, publisher Activision has predicted.

5000 applied to work on COD

Infinity Ward and Sledgehammer ranks swell.

Activision has so far received 5000 applications to work at Call of Duty developers Infinity Ward and Sledgehammer following the sacking of Vince Zampella and Jason West.

Acti laments poor Blur, Singularity sales

Acti laments poor Blur, Singularity sales

Insists it marketed both appropriately.

Poor sales of Bizarre's racer Blur and Raven Software's shooter Singularity between April and June were offset by the continued gargantuan success of Call of Duty and World of Warcraft, publisher Activision Blizzard has said.

"Singularity fell short of meeting what is an exceptionally high bar within the shooter genre," said chief financial officer Thomas Tippl during an investor call last night.

"Fortunately, Call of Duty was the title that raised that bar and shortfall of Singularity was offset by Call of Duty's catalogue and DLC performance.

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COD map packs surpass 20m sales

COD map packs surpass 20m sales

Kotick that off the list.

More than 20 million Call of Duty map packs have been sold, Activision has announced.

The milestone was passed during the quarter ending 30 June 2010.

Note: these map packs span all Call of Duty games, not just Modern Warfare 2.

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Valve unbans Steam MW2 players

Wrongly banned customers given free L4D2.

Valve has restored access to Modern Warfare 2 for "over 12,000" Steam accounts, after the PC players were mistakenly banned from playing the game by the developer's anti-cheating software.

Modern Warfare 2 hits 20m sales

Modern Warfare 2 hits 20m sales

Activision eyeing second-hand market.

Activision has told a gathering of analysts that Modern Warfare 2 has sold more than 20 million units worldwide.

That's according to a GameSpot report on the event, which also noted that CEO Bobby Kotick has designs on the second-hand market.

According to the report, Kotick reckons there's $500 million of money to be made by working with retailers to take a cut of sales of used Activision titles.

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MW2 Resurgence Pack gets PC/PS3 date

Early July for belated ports.

Infinity Ward has announced that Modern Warfare 2's Resurgence Pack will launch for PC and PlayStation 3 on 6th July in the US, with the European PS3 version hitting on 7th July.

Bowling details Resurgence DLC maps

Bowling details Resurgence DLC maps

Confirms price as 1200 MS Points.

Robert Bowling has revealed the five Modern Warfare 2 Resurgence DLC maps to be Vacant, Strike, Carnival, Trailer Park and Fuel.

Three of those are new, two are remakes. They'll be available on Xbox Live first from 3rd June for 1200 Microsoft Points (10.20/14.40). Dates for PC and PS3 haven't been mentioned.

Carnival is the first of the three new maps and the one Bowling told the Major Nelson podcast he was "especially excited for".

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Infinity Ward employees file royalty suit

Claiming $625 million in MW2 bonuses.

A group of 38 current and former Infinity Ward employees have filed a lawsuit against Activision, accusing the publisher of withholding millions of dollars in bonuses related to the sale of Modern Warfare 2.

IW situation is an "opportunity" for devs

Acti COO talks through COD situation.

Activision COO Thomas Tippl has said that far from discouraging talent from joining Infinity Ward, the changes at the Modern Warfare studio recently have created a void into which many developers would be happy to jump.

More Infinity Ward staff take off

Activision says "proven talent" remains.

Infinity Ward has lost a further two veteran staffers following Jason West and Vincent Zampella's controversial dismissal by Activision just over one month ago.

Zampella now "daunted" and "excited"

EA grabbed at "stunning opportunity".

Vincent Zampella has admitted to being nervous about his new Respawn Entertainment venture, having been kicked from multi-million seller Infinity Ward back into the arms of old employer EA.

COD duo: Acti claims "false, outrageous"

EA's Jeff Brown takes a pop as well.

Robert Schwartz, the lawyer representing former Infinity Ward heads Jason West and Vince Zampella, has described allegations made by Activision on Friday as "false and outrageous".

Acti: Modern Warfare 3 "held hostage"

Claims West/Zampella were very naughty.

Activision has accused former Infinity Ward heads Jason West and Vince Zampella of "delaying pre-production of Modern Warfare 3" in its cross-complaint against the duo, who launched a legal action against the publisher after they were sacked last month.

MW2 Stimulus Pack dated for PC and PS3

DLC maps to arrive early next month.

Infinity Ward mouthpiece Robert Bowling has announced the release dates for the Modern Wafare 2 Stimulus Package downloadable content on PC and PlayStation 3.

MW2 Stimulus pack sells 2.5m

MW2 Stimulus pack sells 2.5m

Plus: game now played for 200,000 years.

Modern Warfare 2's Stimulus Package has been bought over 2.5m times in just one week.

That's just on Xbox 360, remember, where the five extra maps cost 1200 Microsoft Points (10.20/14.40).

Microsoft added that 1 million people had snapped-up the Stimulus Package in 24 hours alone.

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MW2 DLC drama was "process failure"

Xbox Live ops man talks you through it.

Microsoft has blamed the foul-up that led to hours of misery for Modern Warfare 2 fans on a "process failure" during deployment of the Stimulus Package DLC and its associated Title Update (patch).

MW2 Stimulus DLC doesn't work

Update: Major Nelson reckons it's fixed.

Update #6: "The MW2 Title Update is now live! It may take a few minutes for everyone worldwide to get it - our apologies for the delay." Not our words - the words of Xbox Live's Major Nelson. "It may take a few mins for you to get the update, or for it to work properly. Once things get in order all should be fine."

IW denies West/Zampella fallout

Studio is "focused on DLC".

Infinity Ward's vocaliser Robert Bowling has told Eurogamer that "no", he wasn't personally affected by the whole Jason West and Vincent Zampella saga of three weeks ago.

Bowling and Infinty Ward "love" BFBC2

Not bothered by EA marketing 'digs'.

Robert Bowling has told Eurogamer that he and Infinity Ward have a lot of professional respect for Battlefield: Bad Company 2, despite the marketing prods and pokes.

MW2 Stimulus Package costs 1200 MSP

Five maps detailed for March DLC.

Infinity Ward has detailed the Modern Warfare 2 "Stimulus Package" downloadable content and said it will cost 1200 Microsoft Points (10.20 / 14.40).

Modern Warfare 2 DLC named

"Stimulus Package" due out this month.

Activision has said that the Modern Warfare 2 DLC announced this week is called "Stimulus Package". It's out on 30th March.

West/Zampella suit details 

West/Zampella suit details "inquisition"

How they went from MW to unemployment.

The lawsuit filed by Jason West and Vince Zampella against Activision referred to the publisher's "astonishing arrogance and unbridled greed", and claimed that the investigation leading to the duo's dismissal was more of an "inquisition".

The full 16-page filing popped up overnight on IGN and made interesting reading. "This lawsuit is solely and regrettably the result of the astonishing arrogance and unbridled greed of defendant Activision," it began.

After taking credit for "lining Activision's pockets with billions of dollars in revenue", West and Zampella's suit said that the fact they were having to sue for their pay was "not surprising, given that Activision is run by a CEO who has been publicly quoted as believing that the best way to run a videogame studio is to engender a culture of 'skepticism, pessimism, and fear,' and who prefers to pay his lawyers instead of his employees".

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Report: COD duo were talking to EA

Activision says $36m claim is "meritless".

Infinity Ward bosses Jason West and Vince Zampella were allegedly in contact with the likes of Electronic Arts prior to their dismissal earlier this week.

Infinity Ward studio heads sacked?

Activision investigating "insubordination".

Infinity Ward president Jason West and studio head Vince Zampella appear to have been sacked by the studio's owner Activision amid dramatic scenes and claims of breach of contract and insubordination.

Microsoft clarifies Mod War 2 DLC deal

Will be exclusive to Xbox 360 for 30 days.

Microsoft has revealed just how much of a headstart Xbox 360 owners will have with the new downloadable content for Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 2.

Peter Jackson enjoying Mod War 2

Likes games more than films right now.

Megastar movie director Peter Jackson has said he's been playing a lot of Modern Warfare 2 lately - and that in fact, he's currently enjoying playing games more than watching films.

UK charts: Just Dance defeats MW2

Ubisoft's Wii game comes from behind.

An unlikely champion has been found in Ubisoft's Wii game Just Dance, which has ended Modern Warfare 2's nine-week honeymoon atop the UK all-formats chart.

WGA announces game writing nominees

WGA announces game writing nominees

Assassin's! Uncharted! Wolverine! etc.

The Writers Guild of America has announced the nominees for the 2009 Videogame Writing awards.

As reported by Kotaku, those in the running include Assassin's Creed II (written by Corey May, Joshua Rubin and Jeffrey Yohalem) and Uncharted 2 (Amy Hennig).

Then there's Wet (Duppy Demetrius) and X-Men Origins: Wolverine (Marc Guggenheim). There may not be room for all the writers on the stage if Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 2 wins (written by Jesse Stern; additional Writing by Steve Fukuda; story by Todd Alderman, Steve Fukuda, Mackey McCandlish, Zied Rieke, Jesse Stern, Jason West; battlechatter dialogue by Sean Slayback).

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UK charts: MW2 beats Bayonetta

New entries fail to shake Xmas standings.

Modern Warfare 2 is still top of the UK all-formats chart, despite hefty competition from acclaimed newcomers Bayonetta and Darksiders.

Halo 3 beats COD on Live in 2009

Plus Indie, Xbox, XBLA and GfW lists.

Halo 3 was the most popular game on Xbox Live in 2009, but spots 2-4 in the list were occupied by the last three Call of Duty games.

UK charts: MW2 celebrates 8 weeks on top

Stagnant list to be shaken by busy Q1?

Activision's Modern Warfare 2 has dominated the UK all-formats chart for an eighth consecutive week - the longest unbeaten run since Need for Speed: Underground 2 in 2004.

Modern Warfare 2 wins America 2009

But Nintendo dominates rest of charts.

The best selling game of 2009 across North America was the Xbox 360 version of Modern Warfare 2, with a whopping 4.2 million units shifted by the end of November. The PS3 version finished eighth with 1.9m sales.

UK charts: new Zelda off track

Modern Warfare 2 out-guns competition.

The Legend of Zelda: Spirit Tracks has failed to break into the UK all-formats top 10, reaching No. 12 after one week on sale.

UK charts: MW2 top, Tony Hawk tanks

FIFA 10 pushing hard.

Activision may beam as poster-child Modern Warfare 2 racks up a fourth winning week in the UK all-formats chart, but newcomer Tony Hawk: Ride landed face-first on the pavement.

MW2 javelin patch imminent on PS3/360

MW2 javelin patch imminent on PS3/360

Already in place on PC.

Infinity Ward's Robert Bowling has said that a fix for the Javelin exploit in Modern Warfare 2 is imminent on both PS3 and Xbox 360 and already in place on PC.

"#MW2 on PS3 just got update 1.05 which includes some improvements to matchmaking. Patch 1.06 is still coming down the pipeline," Bowling tweeted on Saturday.

"PC has the Javelin update already and is constantly getting matchmaking tweaks," he added a few minutes later.

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Using MW2 exploit will get Live suspension

24-hour bans for using the Javelin glitch.

Xbox Live's Stephen Toulouse has mentioned that anyone caught exploiting Modern Warfare 2's Javelin glitch in multiplayer will get suspended from Live.

Should the Army use games to recruit?

British former Major argues the toss.

Former Major Neil Powell has said that in terms of age, gender and background, gamers are "precisely the target audience the British Army wants". However, the establishment is so timid and out-of-touch that it "would never dream" of emulating the US Army, which funds its own interest-boosting game, America's Army.

UK charts: MW2 untouchable on top

LEGO Rock Band off to a blocky start.

Activision's Modern Warfare 2 has topped the UK All-Formats chart for a third week and, as December threatens to freeze releases, marches hopefully towards a possible Christmas number one.

UK charts: Assassin's Creed II denied

Modern Warfare 2 still reigns supreme.

Neither Assassin's Creed II nor New Super Mario Bros. Wii have managed to displace Modern Warfare 2 at the top of the UK All-Formats chart, despite Activision's champion selling 86 per cent fewer copies during its second week on sale.

Infinity Ward defends UK MW2 PC sales

Infinity Ward defends UK MW2 PC sales

3% of other versions' sales still good.

Infinity Ward has denied that sales of Modern Warfare 2 on PC have been lacklustre, arguing that all the signs actually point to success.

"Yes, PC is the smallest percentage in terms of how much sold on each platform but that hardly means anything other than the PC is just the smallest market," Infinity Ward man Robert Bowling patiently informed fans on the official forum (thanks Kotaku).

"The PC version of Modern Warfare 2 has actually outsold the PC version of Call of Duty 4: Modern Warfare in its first week. Making it the most successful PC version."

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IW wanted you "close to atrocity" in MW2

Every tester "opened fire on the crowd".

Modern Warfare 2 scriptwriter Jesse Stern has said that the goal of the game's controversial airport level was "to put you as close as possible to atrocity". (Beware, spoilers ahead.)

Activision enlists third COD studio

Takes load off Treyarch, Infinity Ward.

Activision has dedicated a third developer to the record-breaking Call of Duty series and lessened the strain on Treyarch and Infinity Ward, according to a report.

BBC's The Big Questions addresses MW2

Are games damaging us, asks Campbell?

BBC presenter Nicky Campbell has hosted a debate on UK television programme The Big Questions about violent videogames and their affect on society following the historic launch of Modern Warfare 2.

Activision chose to censor Russian MW2

Our decision to axe airport scene, it says.

Activision has confirmed the removal of the controversial airport scene from the Russian version of Modern Warfare 2, and said the move was its own decision.

Modern Warfare 2 recalled in Russia?

Update: It's not banned, says Activision.

Reports suggest the Russian government has recalled all Xbox 360 and PS3 copies of Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 2 due to objections to the controversial airport terrorism scene.

Acti boss makes $20 million from shares

Waited till MW2 week to sell. Smart.

Activision Blizzard boss Bobby Kotick has made a mint from the success of Modern Warfare 2 - and not just because every person in the world has bought a copy.

Chart-Track defends MW2 sales count

Chart-Track defends MW2 sales count

Analyst questions hasty results.

Chart-Track has defended yesterday's record-breaking Modern Warfare 2 sales claim after industry analyst Michael Pachter questioned the figures.

"UK retailers have been at the forefront of electronic data capture for decades, which in turn allows us to capture daily sales from 99 per cent of retailers on our panel," Bloch told "That's over 6000 retail outlets plus all the etailers - currently 25 different store fronts.

"Every retailer on our panel supplies Electronic Point of Sale data. In the specific case of pre-orders through retailers with High Street stores, we can and do pick these up sometimes months before a product actually launches and these are set up by the retailer to report as a specific retailer code. When the product goes live we begin to track sales on the actual barcode for that product, along with the actual selling price for every single transaction.

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Fairbrass hints at MW2 expansion

Fairbrass hints at MW2 expansion

"Other little bits" discussed with 'Ghost'.

Craig Fairbrass, who voices Ghost in some cheap little shooter that came out this week we can't remember the name of, has hinted that he may be called upon to supply dialogue for new content.

Chatting with Eurogamer on the camo carpet at the Modern Warfare 2 (ah!) launch premiere in Leicester Square on Monday night, the hulking British actor, who played Gaz in the original MW, revealed how excited his kids were about his character featuring in a DC Comics series, adding: "They're talking to me about other little spin-offs. I'm just really, really pleased and happy to be a part of it."

Pressed on whether there were more game roles on the horizon, he teased: "They're talking to me about doing some other little bits for this. It's lovely being in Los Angeles being part of this. It's amazing."

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MW2 gets Trophy patch, MP issues linger

MW2 gets Trophy patch, MP issues linger

Bowling: PSN struggling with demand.

Infinity Ward has issued a patch for the PS3 version of Modern Warfare 2, which should solve the problem with Trophies in single-player and Spec Ops modes.

The developer also said that a second patch would be released "by the end of the week" to sort out problems with party invitations.

However, the PS3 version of the game is still plagued by multiplayer server issues, which are down to PlayStation Network itself according to the developer's creative strategist Robert Bowling, writing on Twitter.

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MW2 doubles GTAIV first-day sales

MW2 doubles GTAIV first-day sales

Activision pockets 47 million quid.

Modern Warfare 2 has sold 1.23m copies in the UK in one day, smashing the previous record set by Grand Theft Auto IV (631,000 units).

That performance made Activision around 47m, whereas Rockstar made only 27.2m.

"These first day sales figures are astonishing and clear evidence that videogames are now mainstream in the UK," said Michael Rawlinson, boss of data collector ELSPA/GfK-ChartTrack.

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Spec Ops DLC possible for MW2

"There's totally a chance for it."

Infinity Ward will "totally" consider doing downloadable Spec Ops content for Modern Warfare 2 according to the developer's 'creative strategist' Robert Bowling.

MW2 "controversial for the sake of it"

BBC Radio 4 discusses Activision's game.

BBC reporter Marc Cieslak has told Radio 4 that he was "saddened" after playing Modern Warfare 2 as it disproved his belief that the games industry had "grown up".

5500 join MP's pro-game movement

Facebook pressure group takes off.

Labour MP Tom Watson believes a Facebook 'pressure group' he created for gamers could be "a game-changing move for Parliament" - after being "incensed" by remarks made by fellow MP Keith Vaz on the violent content of Infinity Ward's Modern Warfare 2.

GameStop admits breaking MW2 street

To "protect" customer base in some areas.

American retailer GameStop has confessed to breaking the Modern Warfare 2 street date "in select markets where other retailers had broken street date".

PC version of MW2 locked till Tues

Early delivery doesn't mean early fun.

Call of Duty fans pre-ordering the PC version of Modern Warfare 2 won't be able to play it until Tuesday - even if their game is delivered early.

GAME denies shipping MW2 early

"Doing everything we can" for Tues.

GAME has said that emails sent to customers claiming copies of Modern Warfare 2 have already shipped do not mean people will be receiving it before launch day, 10th November.

D2D, Impulse, Gamersgate boycott MW2

Not happy with Valve's Steamworks.

Digital distributors Direct2Drive, Impulse and Gamersgate have decided not to sell Modern Warfare 2, as the game requires installation of Valve's Steamworks tools.

Activision president defends MW2 PC

"Improves consumer experience overall."

Activision president Mike Griffith has said that the controversial decision to axe dedicated servers for the PC version of Modern Warfare 2 "improves that consumer experience overall by a significant margin".

PC Modern Warfare 2 multiplayer shrinks

Falls in-line with console cap of 18 players.

Infinity Ward has revealed that the PC version of Modern Warfare 2 will support only 18 players online, whereas previous instalments have catered for 32.

IW: "We don't feel tied to making COD"

Plus: Wii not really suitable for MW2.

Infinity Ward creative strategist Robert Bowling has said that the studio may go off and do something else once Modern Warfare 2 is out of the way.

MW2 boards reset likely prior to launch

MW2 boards reset likely prior to launch

Plus: possible perk/killstreak lists leaked.

Infinity Ward has said that it will probably reset the leaderboards for Modern Warfare 2 just prior to launch on 10th November.

"It definitely looks like a full leaderboard / level reset is in order just before the release date to ensure no unfair advantages," IW's Robert Bowling tweeted.

Who might have an unfair advantage? Well, the game's now been pirated on Xbox 360, so those people, assuming Microsoft hasn't banned them all by the 10th.

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IW pulls viral with gay slur acronym

Bowling "can appreciate the concerns".

Infinity Ward has disowned a viral video in which some American football bloke does a skit about grenades because it ends with a text joke based on a homophobic slur.

Shocking MW2 footage leaked

IW plays controversy card. Spoilers!

A video of Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 2 has leaked onto the internet, showing the player participating in the massacre of innocent civilians in an airport.

Third-person confirmed for MW2

Third-person confirmed for MW2

Private matches only.

Infinity Ward has said that Modern Warfare 2 multiplayer supports third-person view in private matches.

Following the release of a leaked video on YouTube, community man Robert Bowling told

Joystiq that it was "just another cool way to play the game".

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Leicester Square to host MW2 launch

Leicester Square to host MW2 launch

UK celebs to smile for the camera.

Activision will take over Leicester Square on Monday 9th November to launch what could be the biggest game ever, Modern Warfare 2.

The ODEON cinema will host a screening of the game compered by "a celebrity fan". Could this be the return of Ian Wright, Ricky Hatton, Pat Cash and Nell McAndrew - "The Pastel Pack"?

Then, at midnight, the doors to HMV Trocadero will swing open and sales will begin. A secret VIP party in an underground bunker will also begin, starring "one of the UK's biggest male artists of 2009". Is it Dizzee Rascal? Michael Buble? Leon from last year's X-Factor?

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Infinity Ward defends MW2's IWNet

"Biggest investment ever" for PC version.

Infinity Ward's Robert Bowling has sought to defend Modern Warfare 2's lack of dedicated server support on PC by explaining the alternative system, IWNet, in a bit more detail on his blog.

No dedicated servers for PC MW2

"You're completely reliant on IWNet."

Infinity Ward appears to have dumped dedicated servers for the PC version of Modern Warfare 2 in favour of its own proprietary matchmaking service.

Modern Warfare 2 delayed on PC?

Rumours suggest two-week hold-up.

UK site Electronic Theatre has claimed that the PC version of Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 2 has been delayed by two weeks.

Modern Warfare 2 DLC in spring

Energy drink outs map pack.

Had enough of Modern Warfare 2 yet, Man From The Future? Then you want to be thinking ahead to those downloadable maps, some of which are out next spring according to an energy drink. (Is this a bit surreal?)

GAME unveils MW2 Veteran Package

GAME unveils MW2 Veteran Package

Boasts statue of Soap for 120 quid.

GAME has unveiled to Eurogamer the Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 2 Veteran Package, an exclusive for the shop.

This costs 119.99 - more than double what's asked for the regular game. But the Veteran Package has a statue. Standing 12 inches tall, this replica of Captain Soap MacTavish has interchangeable weapons and arms, and can wield dual .45 caliber pistols, dual ice pick-axes and an M14 Enhanced Battle Rifle, which straps to his back when not in, er, use. There's an environmental ice base to store the alternate bits, too.

The Veteran Package also contains the Hardened Edition of MW2, which has a steel case, artbook and code to download Call of Duty Classic on PS3 and 360.

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Modern Warfare 2-themed 360 unveiled

It's got a big fat 250GB hard drive.

Microsoft has announced plans to launch a new Xbox 360 with a 250GB hard drive - more storage space than any previous iteration of the console.

Activison predicts console-free future

Plans to "take the fun out of making games".

Activision Blizzard boss Bobby Kotick has predicted a console-less future for his games, revealed a company culture of "scepticism, pessimism, and fear", and shown mouth rendering technology he thinks will transform the medium.

IW confirms dual-wield for MW2

IW confirms dual-wield for MW2

Plus: Mad Catz lists game accessories.

Infinity Ward has confirmed dual-wield guns for Modern Warfare 2, and demonstrated the 'Akimbo' ability using two Desert Eagle weapons.

"Just walked off stage. Crowd was amazing, went insane chanting 'pick it up!' when I stumbled over dual-wield Deagles. lol - Akimbo confirmed," Tweeted Robert Bowling, Infinity Ward's community voice.

In a post on the Modern Warfare 2 forums, Bowling added:

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Public MW2 beta may still happen - IW

Public MW2 beta may still happen - IW

Multiplayer still a "major focus", says dev.

Infinity Ward has said Modern Warfare 2 may still get a public beta, and reassured us that multiplayer has been in development since "day-one" and remains a "major focus" of the game.

"As I've told you many times in the past, expect no public beta unless we announce otherwise," Robert Bowling, Infinity Ward community manager, said on his blog. "That is still the case. We would never say something as definitive as 'No Beta Ever!' as that's simply not how we work. We'll do an internal beta, if we feel a public one is needed, we'll explore that route as well."

"Multiplayer has been in development since day one of working on Modern Warfare 2, and this is the essential run-up to launch when we're playing everyday, hammering away on it to make sure it's as polished as can be by launch. As always, our internal QA team has daily multiplayer tests in addition to company-wide nightly MP tests we hold from the moment MP is in a running state throughout development."

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COD Classic for PSN/XBLA "eventually"

Pack-in to get separate release one day.

Call of Duty developer Infinity Ward has confirmed to IGN that Call of Duty Classic will be released as a standalone game on PlayStation Network and Xbox Live Arcade after it's made available with the Hardened and Prestige editions of Modern Warfare 2.

Modern Warfare 2 costs GBP 55

Correction: NFS Shift priced normally.

(Correction: This story originally stated that Need for Speed: Shift would retail for a higher-than-usual price in the UK, but this is not the case. "There has been no change in our trade pricing policy and no change in RRP," the publisher told us on Friday. Shift is available for GBP 44.99 from GAME or can be purchased as a Collector's Edition with added extras. We sincerely regret the error.)

MW2 Prestige Edition costs USD 149

Night-vision bumps up the price.

Activision UK hasn't been able to give us a price for the Modern Warfare 2 "Prestige Edition" yet, but over in the US Infinity Ward has said that it will have a suggested retail price of USD 149.

MW2 comes with night-vision goggles

Working NVGs in Prestige Edition.

Infinity Ward has unveiled the Modern Warfare 2 "Prestige Edition" and revealed that it comes with a steelbook copy of the game, a download code for the original Call of Duty on Xbox Live or PSN and, er, a working set of night-vision goggles.

It's COD: Modern Warfare 2 after all

Was always going to be, apparently.

Activision and Infinity Ward have decided it's best to call their upcoming game Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 2 after all, and not just Modern Warfare 2.

Modern Warfare 2 is direct sequel

Modern Warfare 2 is direct sequel

"Not just another one in the COD franchise."

Infinity Ward has clarified that Modern Warfare 2 is meant to be a direct sequel, which a first for the Call of Duty franchise.

Speaking to MTV Multiplayer, IW community speaker Robert Bowling said the name Modern Warfare 2 was picked to illustrate just that.

"This is a direct sequel to Call of Duty 4: Modern Warfare. That is what we are trying to get across to our audience. It's not just another one in the Call of Duty franchise," he said.

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E3: Modern Warfare 2 DLC 360 exclusive

E3: Modern Warfare 2 DLC 360 exclusive

First two map packs. For a while, at least.

Microsoft announced during its E3 conference that the first two map packs for Modern Warfare 2 will be timed exclusives on Xbox 360.

Xbox bigwig John Schappert let fly the news after a gameplay demonstration of Modern Warfare 2, which saw the player traverse an icy cliff, stalk up to a building, strangle people and then runaway from a building amidst gunfire. It was tense and very impressive.

Epic big-shot Mark Rein, who was sat next to Ellie during the conference, whispered to her that the trailer was "insanely good".

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Modern Warfare 2 trailer and shots

Modern Warfare 2 trailer and shots

Story and Special Forces stuff glimpsed.

As promised, Activision has released a two-minute gameplay trailer for Modern Warfare 2, which is due out on 10th November.

Earlier in the month Game Informer reported details on the game's story and new co-op Special Forces mode, but this is our first chance to put those details in proper context.

The trailer, which appeared on US TV over the Memorial Day weekend, jumps back and forth between various scenarios, including an airport shootout, street battles, sunny Rio and an assault on a snowy mountaintop fortress.

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Modern Warfare 2 blown wide open

Locations, scenarios, story, SF mode, etc.

Modern Warfare 2 takes players to the snow-capped peaks of Russian mountains, across the deserts of Afghanistan and into the streets of Rio de Janeiro, and introduces a new co-operative Special Forces mode to back up the single-player campaign.

Modern Warfare 2 ditches COD name

Activision says COD4 has sold 12m units.

Activision has confirmed that Modern Warfare 2 will launch worldwide on 10th November this year, and seems to have confirmed that it will no longer carry the "Call of Duty" name.

Modern Warfare 2 definitely out this year

ActiBlizz makes Call of Duty return official.

In a conference call with investors yesterday, Activision Blizzard laid to rest all the un-fevered non-speculation about the latest candidate for worst-kept secret in games. Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 2 is indeed real and will be out this year.