Miitomo News

Nintendo mobile app Miitomo just got a huge update

Private messages! Rooms! Sidekicks!

Nintendo is looking into making smartphone controllers

"In consideration of what best embodies 'Nintendo-like' applications."

Miitomo adds Splatoon items next week

We had an inkling this was coming.

Miitomo's best Miifoto pictures

Downloaded 2m times in 12 hours.

Miitomo now live in the UK, in-app purchase prices listed

Nintendo's first mobile game launches.

Nintendo's first mobile app Miitomo launches in UK on Thursday

UPDATE: My Nintendo reward scheme now live.

My Nintendo reward scheme free game downloads and discounts revealed

Miitomo detailed in new trailer, Zelda Picross confirmed.

Nintendo announces sign-up for first mobile app Miitomo

Register this month ahead of March launch.

Nintendo reveals Miitomo, its first smartphone game

Delays release until March 2016.