The Mighty Quest for Epic Loot

The Mighty Quest for Epic Loot beta review

The Mighty Quest for Epic Loot beta review

How's this moving castle?

The Mighty Quest for Epic Loot is a hack-and-slash dungeon-crawler with aesthetic flair and a castle defence title with earnest charm - but its playful title is something of a misnomer. Just into open beta, this free-to-play game from Ubisoft Montreal feels less like one coherent whole than it does a series of bite-sized challenges suffering from Three Bears syndrome.

Its predominantly user-generated levels come in the form of floating castles in the sky - each with treasure to be plundered, monsters to be slain and traps to be evaded - but those whose designs are too dull or too repetitive are as common as those that are just right. Meanwhile, loot drops are frequent, but the weapons, armour and accessories are usually only a little better than those you already have. It would be more accurate to call it The Myriad Diversions for Incremental Upgrades, but perhaps that domain name was already taken.

So The Mighty Quest for Epic Loot it is, and it's a game that's split into two discrete but nonetheless intertwined parts. In the first, you guide one of three irreverent heroes (four, with micro-transactions) through countless castle raids, collecting XP, in-game currency and loot. Movement and combat are predominantly mouse-driven, while up to three abilities and one set of healing potions can be assigned to keyboard shortcuts. Your choice of hero largely dictates your gameplay style, taking in melee, ranged or crowd control, while your performance rating and spoils earned from each level are primarily determined by you speed and killing efficiency.

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Actual New Games of 2013

More wonder, more awe.

New IPs, we're told, aren't really feasible at the tail-end of a generation, so it's heartening to sit down and discover that a sizeable part of the games industry is sticking its tongues out at the likes of Yves Guillemot and Peter Moore; 2013's looking like it's going to be an absolutely stellar year for Actual New Games.