Midway Arcade Treasures 3

Midway Arcade Treasures 3

Midway Arcade Treasures 3

In case you need another retro fix…

Morning retro campers! Welcome to barrel-scraping territory where everything's a 'classic' and a 'treasure' if it, you know, it once appeared in an arcade. Having just trawled through the annals (or should that be anals?) of Tecmo's 'classic' retro history, we were in no mood to be fobbed off again with a pile of stinking detritus masquerading as jolly retro fodder - so forgive us if we're just a little stroppy with Midway's latest collection of old long-forgotten hits.

The first thing to get to the bottom of is exactly why Midway is continuing to mislead the public over its arcade heritage. Checking out the contents of this eight game pack, five of them were produced under the Atari banner, namely Badlands, Race Drivin', Stun Runner, San Francisco Rush: The Rock - Alcatraz Edition, and San Francisco Rush 2049. One of the others (Super Off Road) was by Leland Corp, leaving just two (Hydro Thunder and Off Road Thunder) as genuine Midway-produced games.

So, how can this be? It's a slightly complicated tale of changing ownership and corporate pass-the-parcel, but here's the abridged version of why Atari games keep cropping up in Midway compilations.

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