Midnight Club: Los Angeles Features

Midnight Club: Los Angeles

Speed devils in the city of angels.

We really didn't want to be back at the LA Convention Centre so soon after E3. But this quintessential 1990s corporate boot camp, this never-ending air-conditioned desert of glass, carpet and outsized croissant-wiches has a way of drawing you back, like a terminally confused and overtired moth to a particularly cheerless flame. We must have driven past it five times as we attempted to escape Los Angeles' infernal one-way system on the last day of the show.

Midnight Club: Los Angeles

Poise in the hood.

After besting Liberty City a couple of months ago, we all deserve a nice rest - and where better to head than Los Angeles? Actually we can think of lots of better places to head than Los Angeles - the inside of a woodchipper, for instance - but then Midnight Club's isn't quite the LA we know: it's a curvy cut that runs from Santa Monica to Downtown and takes in Hollywood on the way. A sizeable, varied strip of land where - in the hands of Rockstar San Diego, veterans of three Midnight Club games and a pair of Midtown Madnesses - gridlock is half the fun.

Midnight Club: Los Angeles

If you like a lot of customisation on your biscuit, join our club.

Walking into one of Rockstar's demo rooms is always a slightly unnerving experience. It's not that you wonder if the M-16 lampshade holder is fully functioning (although you do), but rather the feeling that you've been zapped by a shrink-ray. The gigantic 60-inch HDTV and huge leather sofa give the impression that you're in the Big Friendly Giant's games room.