Metroid: Other M News

Nintendo offers to fix Metroid saves

If you're trapped by game-breaking door.

Nintendo has offered to fix the save files of anyone trapped by a door in Metroid: Other M that snaps down and prevents further progress in the game.

Super Metroid 64 nearly happened

Mystery third-party dev turned it down.

A 3D Metroid game for the N64 very nearly got off the ground, according to Metroid co-creator and Nintendo veteran Yoshio Sakamoto.

New Metroid made Sakamoto cry

Iwata asks the dev team all about it.

The next instalment in the Metroid series is so emotionally charged it brought one of the game's creators to tears.

New Metroid to challenge expectations

Story focus, old things done differently.

Metroid: Other M designers Yoshio Sakamoto and Yosuke Hayashi have spoken to Eurogamer about their desire to leave their own mark on the famous series, which they hope to do by approaching familiar elements in new ways and investing in the character and story of protagonist Samus Aran.