Metal Gear Solid Touch

MGS Touch demo on App Store

Three missions from the full game.

Konami has released a demo version of Metal Gear Solid Touch for iPhone and iPod Touch, which you can grab from the iTunes App Store.

MGS Touch updated and finished

MGS Touch updated and finished

Added missions, languages, wallpapers.

Konami has finished work on Metal Gear Solid Touch for iPhone and iPod Touch.

The Duck Hunt-style adaptation can be downloaded from the App Store for GBP 4.99.

Improvements over the March version of MGS Touch include eight additional missions, 20 extra wallpapers and language support for French, German, Italian and Spanish.

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More Metal Gear Solid for iPhone?

Kojima reckons it'll be "crazy".

Seems the iPhone is really is the flavour of the month with, well, everybody, but especially eccentric Japanese videogame creators. Hideo Kojima told the aduience at an Apple Store signing during last week's Game Developers Conference that he is thinking of following up Metal Gear Solid Touch with another iPhone game.

Metal Gear Solid Touch

Metal Gear Solid Touch

Itsy trigger finger.

One of the bewildering things about the explosion of App Store gaming is the sheer variety of successful approaches to it: traditional mobile puzzlers and arcade games, indie experiments, full 3D ports, and games like Metal Gear Solid Touch that take the well-travelled road of licensed mobile gaming, cutting grand concepts down to bite-size.

One of the most exciting things about it is that the unique configuration of the iPhone and iPod Touch hardware - notably, its complete lack of buttons - forces everybody to start from scratch to an extent, no matter which of these routes they're taking. The conventional is simply impossible, and you could argue that the Apple platform is seeing a more complete revolution in videogame interface than the Wii or DS have.

On the face of it, Metal Gear Solid Touch is a cheap and irrelevant knock-off from the bad old days of mobile gaming. It transposes Hideo Kojima's demented PS3 stealth epic Metal Gear Solid 4: Guns of the Patriots into a disposable and short-lived shooting gallery, the most basic of arcade games. But while it's certainly not substantial, it's made with care, polish, and a keen sense of the strengths of the subject matter, the platform, and the input device - your finger.

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Metal Gear Solid Touch this week

Firm European date for iPhone game.

Konami has confirmed that Metal Gear Solid Touch, its iPhone and iPod Touch game, will be released on the European App Store this Thursday, March 19th.

iPhone Metal Gear Solid due this month

Well, most of it, and next month in Europe.

Konami has announced that Metal Gear Solid Touch, its iPhone spin-off of MGS4: Guns of the Patriots, will be released on the App Store this month in the US. A Konami representative told Eurogamer that it will follow in April in Europe.