Metal Gear Solid 4: Guns of the Patriots News

Konami confirms Metal Gear Solid 4: 25th Anniversary Edition is PS3 exclusive after New Zealand shop lists it for Xbox 360

Konami has confirmed that Metal Gear Solid 4: 25th Anniversary Edition is indeed a PlayStation 3 exclusive after a New Zealand shop listed it for Xbox 360.

The listing on is for the game on Microsoft's console, but Konami told Eurogamer this morning this is not correct.

The box art looks like someone's Photosphopped the Xbox 360 logo onto the squatter PS3 Blu-ray image for the game. Oh, and the website itself says the Xbox 360 version is unavailable. "Sorry, this product is not currently available to order," it reads.

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Metal Gear Solid 4 Trophy patch live in Europe

Metal Gear Solid 4 Trophy patch live in Europe

Kill enemies then vomit for a bronze.

A patch that adds Trophy support to Metal Gear Solid 4: Guns of the Patriots on PlayStation 3 has gone live in Europe.

The download, which weighs in at 516MB, will automatically begin when MGS4 players next sign into PlayStation Network, publisher Konami has announced.

The previously-revealed patch arrives as part of the Metal Gear Solid series' 25th anniversary.

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Metal Gear Solid 4 patch to add Trophy support

Metal Gear Solid 4 patch to add Trophy support

UPDATE: UK release confirmed for August.

UPDATE: Time to start Raiden those awards in the UK - Konami has just confirmed the Trophy-adding patch will be available in Blighty next month. It adds 34 Trophies to the game, and arrives as part of the series 25th Anniversary celebrations.

ORIGINAL STORY: Konami classic Metal Gear Solid 4: Guns of the Patriots will receive Trophy support in an upcoming patch.

Trophies will arrive in a new budget version of the game due to release in Japan this August, Famitsu reports (via Andriasang).

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Hideo Kojima confirms Metal Gear Solid 5 built using Fox Engine - report

Hideo Kojima has confirmed Metal Gear Solid 5 will be built using the Fox Engine - according to a new interview.

The legendary Japanese game developer told the July issue of French magazine IG (via Gamekyo) that Metal Gear Solid 5 is indeed in the works, and hinted that Solid Snake may be in it.

We've had our French colleagues at (Sweden lol) look over the report and they told us the following:

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Kojima despises NES Metal Gear

"That title has only soiled my reputation."

NES made Metal Gear famous but series creator Hideo Kojima abhors that version of the game, calling it "pitiful", an "abomination" and a stain on his career.

Kojima shows Metal Gear Solid 4 on NGP

"We can enjoy same quality as PS3."

Legendary game developer Hideo Kojima marched onto the Sony stage this morning to show a jaw-dropping demonstration of Metal Gear Solid 4 running on the PSP2 - known now as the NGP (Next Generation Portable).

Kojima admits MGS confuses him too

Which is why he keeps detailed timelines.

Kojima Productions boss Hideo Kojima has admitted that even he finds the Metal Gear Solid series a bit puzzling, which is why he keeps detailed timelines for each character.

Sales of MGS reach 4.75 million

Sales of MGS reach 4.75 million

Konami revenue up, but profits down.

Konami has seen a rise in sales of 4.2 per cent this fiscal year. Profits are down by more than 40 per cent, however, standing at JPY 10,874 million (GBP 2.1 billion).

The Metal Gear Solid series is still doing well, with 4.75 million copies now shifted around the globe. There are 1.3 million Metal Gear Online users worldwide.

The Pro Evolution Soccer series is also popular - nearly 8.5 million games were sold last year alone. Dance Dance Revolution: Hottest Party and Karaoke Revolution rounded out the line-up of Konami's big sellers.

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GDC: New Kojima game at E3, not GDC

Although his speech will be "entertaining".

Hideo Kojima has said that his new game will be announced at E3 and not GDC, despite the fact he's doing a keynote speech later, which we're covering live.

MGO SCENE expansion dated, priced

MGO SCENE expansion dated, priced

Play as Vamp and Raiden, loads more.

Konami has announced that the Metal Gear Online SCENE expansion will be released on 17th March in Europe for EUR 17.99.

The pack consists of playable Vamp and Raiden characters, along with three new maps, a new Solo Capture gameplay mode and a range of accessories.

If you're really keen on it, Konami will begin pre-orders on 10th March, and anyone who pays out then gets exclusive Cardboard Box Man headgear for use in the game as a loyalty bonus.

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MGS4 Sackboys sighted in Asia

Festive LBP download confirmed, too.

Kotaku has spotted that the Asian PSN website has details of the Metal Gear Solid Sackboy costumes for LittleBigPlanet up, and there are a couple of surprises.

MGS4 sells over 4 million copies

MGS4 sells over 4 million copies

Snake puts in solid performance.

Konami has sold 4.33 million copies of Metal Gear Solid 4 around the world.

The stealthy PS3 exclusive helped Sony's platform account for 38 per cent of Konami games sold between April and September 2008.

This compares favourably to the piddly 1 per cent of Konami games sold on PS3 during the same period last year.

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Alone and MGS4 demos on PSN

Plus GHWT tracks and PSone games.

Alone in the Dark and Metal Gear Solid 4 demos top the list of additions to the PlayStation Store this week because of the way we've formatted our list.

Schappert would love to see MGS4 on 360

"We definitely have the power to run it."

Xbox Live boss John Schappert has said he would love to see Metal Gear Solid 4 on 360, and that the console certainly has power enough to handle the beefy game.

Konami "looking into" MGS4 for Xbox 360

The rumour mill's a-grinding again.

The saga of whether Metal Gear Solid 4 will forever remain a PS3 exclusive has been ongoing for some time now. It's been going on like this: "Yes it will no it won't or will it yes no yes no no one cares."

Kojima already has ideas for MGS5

But doesn't want to get involved.

Hideo Kojima has said he already has three ideas for Metal Gear Solid 5. Only, he doesn't want the team to pick any of those because he doesn't want to get involved. He's stepping back, remember.

David Hayter takes on the Internet

Voice of Snake responds to reports.

Solid Snake voice man David Hayter has written an open letter to the Internet after comments he made at the Anime Expo recently were apparently "misinterpreted".

Metal Gear Solid 4 sales top 1 million

Metal Gear Solid 4 sales top 1 million

In just a week. Limited edition sold out.

Konami has announced that 1 million copies of Metal Gear Solid 4: Guns of the Patriots were shifted in Europe during the game's first week on sale.

As for those limited edition versions, complete with a Making Of Blu-ray disc, soundtrack CD and Snake mannequin - all 25,000 have now been snapped up.

"The Metal Gear Solid series has again proved its huge potential, and we are delighted with the fantastic response the game has enjoyed at retail," said top Konami bigwig Martin Schneider.

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MGS4 database coming to Europe

It's just days away, apparently.

Konami has confirmed European gamers will get access to the Metal Gear Solid 4 database after all - and there's not long to wait.

More Metal Gear games on the way

May fill in gaps in Big Boss's background.

Ryan Payton, assistant producer on Metal Gear Solid 4, has confirmed there will be further instalments in the series - though they won't star Solid Snake.

MGS4 had

MGS4 had "minimal" effect on PS3 sales

But DS colours light up the UK market.

Metal Gear Solid 4 has only managed to boost PS3 sales in the UK by seven per cent, reports.

The Konami blockbuster became the best-selling PS3-exclusive ever, according to opening weekend data from Chart-Track, and was second overall on the platform to only to Grand Theft Auto IV.

"There's not a lot to say about it - it had minimal impact really. [PS3] units were up by seven per cent," said Chart-Track's Dorian Bloch.

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MGS4 debuts at top of UK charts

Not a record breaker. Full top 40 inside.

Metal Gear Solid 4 has shot to the top of the UK all formats chart, becoming the fastest-selling PS3-exclusive ever; second only to Grand Theft Auto IV.

"MGS will always be around" - Kojima

But new team may take on next game.

Hideo "This is the last one no it's not yes it is oh go on then" Kojima has said he may lend a hand with the next instalment in the Metal Gear Solid series.

Two more MGS4 characters confirmed

Two more MGS4 characters confirmed

Potential spoilers inside.

A scan from this week's Famitsu has popped up online, revealing two new characters who'll crop up in Metal Gear Solid 4: Guns of the Patriots.

Or rather, two old characters who'll return - since we're talking here about Mai Ling (from Metal Gear Solid) and Rosemary (from Metal Gear Solid 2).

That's a bit of a double edged sword, really. Mai Ling, a naval officer with a curious habit of regaling you with utterly nonsensical Chinese proverbs, was a hugely popular character, even after an ill-advised change of voice actress in the Twin Snakes remake.

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MGS4 soundtrack details revealed

MGS4 soundtrack details revealed

Special edition goodies unveiled.

Famitsu has got details of the Japanese release of the Metal Gear Solid 4 soundtrack for us this morning - not terribly comprehensive details, but a taster at least of what those of you who've pre-ordered the UK special edition of the game will be getting for your extra cash.

Launching in Japan as a standalone package today (with an appropriately moody looking close-up of Snake's wrinkly face on the cover), the soundtrack comes on a single CD and contains 47 tracks.

It's composed, as ever, by the series' musical stalwarts Nobuko Toda and Harry Gregson-Williams, and on past experience, we'd suggest avoiding track listings if you don't want major spoilers.

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Kojima to sign MGS4 sleeves in London

With Yoji Shinkawa on 2nd June.

While out on news patrol earlier we completely missed an enormously conspicuous press release lying unconvincingly across some flattened grass trying to fit a giant spinning ration box into its overflowing utility belt: it said that Hideo Kojima and Yoji Shinkawa will be at HMV's Oxford Street, London store on 2nd June.

Kojima not dissatisfied with PS3 at all

Something was lost in translation.

Metal Gear Solid 4 creator Hideo Kojima has said his comments about being limited by the PS3 hardware were taken out of context as a result of Japanese to English translations.

Europe to get MGS4 bundle too

But looks like console will be black.

SCEE boss David Reeves has confirmed Europe will be getting a Metal Gear Solid 4 hardware bundle featuring a PS3, Sixaxis and a copy of the game on 12th June for EUR 439.

New mode and map for Metal Gear Online

Two teams fight as Snake picks them off.

Konami has updated the Metal Gear Online beta test with a new "Sneaking Mission" game mode and a map called "Midtown Maelstrom" based on one of the environments in Metal Gear Solid 4.

US getting gunmetal grey PS3

Sony quiet on plans for Europe.

Konami has konfirmed that the gunmetal grey PlayStation 3, already available in Japan, is set to go on sale in North America as a "very, very limited edition".

MGS4 European date same as US

12th June, says Konami everywhere.

Konami has announced that Metal Gear Solid 4: Guns of the Patriots will be released in Europe on 12th June as well as in the US.

MGS4's US June release confirmed

MGS4's US June release confirmed

Beta test dated too.

Konami has confirmed that Metal Gear Solid 4: Guns of the Patriots will be released in the US on 12th June for PS3.

Elsewhere, Sony revealed that the Metal Gear Online beta test will begin on 21st April and run for "approximately two weeks".

In order to qualify in the US, players will need to pre-order MGS4 once the pre-sale package goes on, er, sale in April.

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US Metal Gear Solid 4 date and MGO beta

US Metal Gear Solid 4 date and MGO beta

Euro announcement expected this week.

Metal Gear Solid 4: Guns of the Patriots will be released in North America in "late Q2 2008", according to SCEA, with a Metal Gear Online "Starter Pack" to launch "to support online gameplay".

Those who pre-order MGS4 in the US will also be guaranteed access to a "multiplayer beta test" in late April, although that statement doesn't seem to rule out other paths into the test.

Konami has confirmed the above to Eurogamer, but a release date announcement for Europe is not expected until later in the week.

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MGS collection unconfirmed for Europe

MGS collection unconfirmed for Europe

Konami yet to reveal plans.

Konami has said Metal Gear Solid: The Essential Collection is yet to be confirmed for Europe.

The publisher told vigilant blog videogaming247 that until it officially outs the PS2 collection for our lands there's nothing to say.

Inside the collection is MGS, MGS2 (director's cut) and MGS3. It all comes wrapped up in fancy artwork, costs USD 29.99 or thereabouts, and should be out in the States before Metal Gear Solid 4: Guns of the Patriots.

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Konami committed to MGS4 Q2 target

Can already be played start to finish.

Konami says that Metal Gear Solid 4 is "on the eve of entering bug-checking phase" and that the developer is still committed to the game's Q2 release date.

Kojima wants realistic violence

Likes facial disfiguration.

Metal Gear Solid creator Hideo Kojima believes violence in games should be more realistic, in order that we can see the consequences of our actions.

MGS4 delayed until Q2 2008

So Solid crew can do more.

Konami Japan has delayed the release of Metal Gear Solid 4: Guns of the Patriots by pushing it back to the second quarter of 2008 (April - June).

Metal Gear's TGS showing

MGS4 and Online playable. Plus the rest of Konami's line-up.

Metal Gear Solid 4 and Metal Gear Solid Online will both be playable at Tokyo Game Show this week. Konami has also prepared new trailers for both, which it showed off at a Japanese press conference earlier today.

GC: MGS4 bosses unveiled

Mantis, Octopus, Raven, Wolf.

Hideo Kojima unveiled four of the Metal Gear Solid 4 bosses during a packed press conference in Leipzig this morning, saying he wanted to top the bosses in all the previous Metal Gear games.

Kojima demoing MGS4 at GC

Promises big reveals, new games.

Hideo Kojima will be on-hand to demo Metal Gear Solid 4: Guns of the Patriots to attendees at Games Convention later this month.

MGS4 listing a mistake - HMV

Xbox 360 version isn't real.

High Street retailer HMV has admitted a pre-order listing for Metal Gear Solid 4: Guns of the Patriots on the Xbox 360 was a mistake by its online admin team, is reporting.

Metal Gear PS3 online?

Subsistence follow-on mentioned.

Creator of the Metal Gear series Hideo Kojima has revealed that his team is developing online play for PS3.

E3: MGS4 PS3 exclusivity confirmed

E3: MGS4 PS3 exclusivity confirmed

Out worldwide next spring.

Earlier this evening Sony America boss Jack Tretton reconfirmed Metal Gear Solid 4 as an exclusive PS3 title.

The announcement was coupled with the appearance of Hideo Kojima at Sony's E3 conference, presenting never-before-seen real-time footage (in the West) of the game. He then revealed that it would be released worldwide in spring 2008.

The trailer filled us in on the hit Snake is hired for, and a little about his history. The veteran hero has to take care of old enemy Liquid Ocelot who will be voiced by Pat Zimmerman.

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Konami questions PS3 price cut

Metal Gear exclusivity iffy.

Konami reckons the USD 100 price cut won't significantly improve sales of the PS3, and as a result the upcoming Metal Gear Solid 4 game may not remain exclusive to the format, is reporting.

MGS4 due before April 2008

Says Konami financials.

Apart from allowing it to pay off its bar tab and that, Konami's end-of-year financial report also brought news that Metal Gear Solid 4 is scheduled for release within the publisher's next fiscal year.

Psychological battles in MGS4

Kojima waffles at GO3.

Metal Gear Solid 4 will feature psychological effects and battles, according to creator Hideo Kojima, who was waxing lyrical at last weekend's GO3 Entertainment Expo in Australia.

Hayter to voice Snake

Familiar faces return to MGS4.

Konami has revealed that David Hayter will be returning to voice the ageing Solid Snake in Metal Gear Solid 4: Guns of the Patriot.

Kojima keen on Xbox 360

Also fancies doing a PC game.

Hideo Kojima has admitted that he has a "strong interest" in working on Xbox 360. Interestingly, he also says he'd like to work on the PC.

Kojima misses PS3 rumble

Hopes it'll come back.

Hideo Kojima, currently developing Metal Gear Solid 4 on PlayStation 3, says he's missing the rumble functionality.

No MGS4 until late 2007?

Plus, TGS trailer details.

Konami will show yet another Metal Gear Solid 4: Guns of the Patriots trailer during this week's Tokyo Game Show, and it'll be about six minutes long and comprised mainly of gameplay footage.

MGS4 trailer at Leipzig

MGS4 trailer at Leipzig

Five total from Kojima studio.

Hideo Kojima's internal Konami studio, Kojima Productions, will be out in force at the Games Convention in Leipzig, Germany, next month - with five new games to show off.

These include Metal Gear Solid 4: Guns of the Patriots on PlayStation 3, for which we're promised "a spectacular video trailer", as well as new PSP title Metal Gear Solid: Portable Ops.

MGS fans will also get the chance to check out Metal Gear Solid 3: Subsistence in person, ahead of its release this October on PS2. It's been out in the US for (ahem) some time now.

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Kojima, Nomura back PS3

For long-term success.

Metal Gear Solid creator Hideo Kojima and Square-Enix's Tetsuya Nomura both believe PlayStation 3 will be the best outlet for their games in two or three years' time.

MGS4 stealth camo details

MGS4 stealth camo details

Tilt controls? Kojima's last MGS?

The stealth camouflage shown off in Metal Gear Solid 4's E3 trailer will play a key role, says Hideo Kojima - and what's more this will be his last game in charge.

MGS4 may even make use of the PlayStation 3's tilt sensor controller. "Perhaps you could use it for the FP view, or to shake down guards for items (like in the past MGS games), but nothing is decided," the game's creator says.

Speaking to US mag PSM2, Kojima said that the "active camouflage system" that allows Snake to blend quickly into his surroundings is known as "Octo-cam" - a fusion of Octopus and Camouflage. Sounds like Hideo.

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Extended MGS4 trailer on EGTV

Extended MGS4 trailer on EGTV

Indulge yourself. Kojima did.

Those of you after a look at the extended Metal Gear Solid 4: Guns of the Patriots trailer that Konami showed off at E3 can now find it on Eurogamer TV.

The trailer sheds a bit more light on the plot of the game, which sees is rejoin Solid Snake as he's getting on a bit, in a climate where private military companies dominate global warfare and several old friends and enemies are getting together for one last hurrah/oblivion.

Worth it for a couple of key battle sequences alone (and don't miss the one after the credits), it's worth pointing out that Hideo Kojima says it's all done in-engine on the PlayStation 3, for which it'll debut next year.

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MGS movie deal secured

Kojima's going to Hollywood!

Following Hideo Kojima's confirmation that a Metal Gear Solid movie is in the pipeline, Solid Snake's dad has announced that a contract with a top Hollywood studio has finally been, er, finalised.

Kojima reveals more of MGS4

Plus new DS and PSP titles.

Metal Gear Solid creator Hideo Kojima took to the stage at Konami's E3 press conference to reveal that he's currently working on no less than four new projects.

Watch the E3 Metal Gear trailer

Watch the E3 Metal Gear trailer

Is this the end for Solid Snake?

The Metal Gear Solid 4 trailer shown at Sony's pre-E3 press conference is now yours to view via Eurogamer TV - and it's well worth checking out.

We won't spoil it for you, other than to say that the trailer suggests a political theme to the game, a bit of mech action and the return of some old friends. And as for the ending...

If that doesn't satisfy your appetite for PS3, you can also watch the Sony conference in its entirety - just head on over to Eurogamer TV.

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Kojima confirms MGS movie

Kojima confirms MGS movie

'Can't say when yet.'

Metal Gear Solid will become a movie, says Hideo Kojima, but he can't say when yet.

That's according to a HIDECHAN Radio piece during which Kojima, series creator, confirmed what fans have long wanted to hear: "We're going to do it as a movie."

It's going to be in English apparently, although he wouldn't be drawn on a potential release date. "I can't say when yet," he admitted.

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BloodRayne film officially sucks

Boll to direct Metal Gear film?

In news that will come of absolutely no surprise to anyone at all, Uwe Boll's latest big screen videogame adaptation has been slammed by US critics following its Stateside release.

Metal Gear series to go online

Kojima to develop PC games too?

Metal Gear Solid creator Hideo Kojima has announced that he's hoping to following up MGS3: Subsistence, which features secondary online modes, with a game that will properly take the series online for the first time.

MGS4 could be done on Xbox 360

It's MGS3's fault.

Hideo Kojima says the only reason that Metal Gear Solid 4 is debuting on PlayStation 3 is that he likes to be first with everything, and that the last year's focus on MGS3 meant Kojima Productions didn't have any time to get to grips with Xbox 360. Actually, he says, it could quite happily work on Microsoft's system.

See MGS4 trailer in 3D

See MGS4 trailer in 3D

When you buy MG Acid 2.

The Metal Gear Solid 4: Guns of the Patriots trailer shown at the Tokyo Game Show this year was mighty impressive - we thought so, anyway.

But it might have been even more impressive if we'd been watching it in glorious 3D, as those who buy a copy of Metal Gear Acid 2 for PSP will be able to.

As previously announced, MGA 2 will come bundled with a new "Solid Eye" peripheral which lets you view parts of the game in 3D. And now Konami has revealed that the game UMD will also include the MGS4 trailer - which you can watch using the Solid Eye.

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Kojima's blog now in English

Reflections on Metal.

Hideo Kojima's Japanese blog is being translated into English - giving us a chance to quote direct from the Metal Gear Solid creator's online musings rather than relying on unofficial translations.

Kojima talks Metal Gear 4

Revolver Ocelot is back!

Hideo Kojima has revealed some more details of the fourth instalment in the Metal Gear Solid series, including news that Revolver Ocelot will be back and ready to take on Snake once again.

MGS creator starts blog

Explains why he didn't retire.

Great news for Metal Gear Solid fans - series creator Hideo Kojima has started a new blog on the Kojima Productions website.

MGS4: Snake Eraser trailer

MGS4: Snake Eraser trailer

There's a twist in the tale.

By now you've probably seen the trailer for Metal Gear Solid 4: Guns of the Patriots from the Tokyo Game Show - but turns out there's another one, too, titled Metal Gear Raiden: Snake Eraser.

You may recall that the previous MGS4 trailer shown at E3 back in May featured Snake and Raiden rowing about who would get to be the lead character this time around.

Well, the saga continues in the Snake Eraser trailer on show at Konami's TGS booth, and we're here to tell you all about it. Are you sitting comfortably? Then we'll begin.

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New Metal Gear 4 details

New Metal Gear 4 details

Snake gets pipe, slippers?

With not long to go until Konami finally unveils the fourth instalment in the Metal Gear Solid series, Famitsu has revealed a few juicy details of what we can expect - including news that we could be about to find out what happens to game heroes when they get old.

Screenshots in the magazine show an elderly man complete with wrinkly skin, grey hair and a moustache. He has a muscular physique, sports a grey bandana and enjoys smoking... Ring any bells?

Yes, that's right - while it's not been confirmed by Konami, said character is looking awfully like an older Solid Snake. Or perhaps they're related - Grandpa Solid, maybe? Who knows...

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Metal Gear 4 trailer real-time

Metal Gear 4 trailer real-time

The one that'll be at TGS, that is.

The Metal Gear Solid 4 trailer on display at the Tokyo Game Show next week will be running on actual PlayStation 3 hardware, according to Kojima Productions, the Konami subsidiary set-up to handle Metal Gear and Hideo Kojima's other works.

That's actual PS3-generated content, apparently, and not just footage rendered to a certain target specification - which ties in with what Kojima was saying recently about showing "something from PS3" at the event. We do love those thoroughly ambiguous interview answers.

Speaking of which, he had also said to expect something that wasn't just a high-resolution version of what we had previously, but something "a little more natural and with a natural flow when creating a world". Expect codec conversations about herbal remedies and the beauty and variety of orchids, then.

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Having already announced that there will be lots of exhibitors at the Tokyo Game Show, organisers CESA (the Computer Entertainment Software Association) have revealed a basic list of games we can definitely expect to see - with more to be confirmed.

MGS4 on other platforms?

Kojima talks about next-gen.

Metal Gear Solid creator Hideo Kojima has told Famitsu that he chose PlayStation 3 for the next instalment in his stealth-action series because of loyalty to Sony, according to a partial translation by US website IGN.

Kojima doubts over PS3

Weighs in on next-gen.

Metal Gear Solid creator Hideo Kojima has weighed in on the battle of the next generation consoles, stressing their diversity and cautioning that he is "not sure if everyone can live up to that high standard that Sony is expecting" on PlayStation 3 - the platform for which his Konami subsidiary Kojima Productions is developing the next Metal Gear Solid title.

Kojima in charge for MGS4

And he's got his own studio.

Metal Gear Solid 4 is coming exclusively to the PlayStation 3, which - if you've been paying attention - you probably knew already. What you may not know is that that series creator Hideo Kojima, world-renowned for creating damn fine stealth action games and having a rather tenuous grip on reality at the best of times, is back at the helm for this next instalment of the series.

Kojima on Metal Gear Solid 4

The series creator says his absence may curtail references and Codec humour, but says stealth will be key and that next-gen formats could lead to more "conceptual" or "spiritual" ideas.

Hideo Kojima says that the "No place to hide" line Konami is using to promote Metal Gear Solid 4, which it started developing for next-generation formats just last week, is not an indication that the series is to abandon its stealth roots, but rather a comment on an interesting new setting.

Metal Gear Solid 4 on next-gen

Hideo Kojima will take an executive producer role on the next game, the first in a new series featuring Solid Snake.

Metal Gear Solid 4 "will be a next-generation title" and will be the first in a brand new series featuring Solid Snake, Hideo Kojima has told the massed ranks of journalists at a Berlin press event this week, echoing sentiments expressed in last year's MGS3 trailer for the Tokyo Game Show, which described the third game in the series as the "Final Episode in the Metal Gear Solid Trilogy".

Konami has 'ideas' for Metal Gear Solid 4

"We'll continue to create more titles in the series."

Konami is planning to create a fourth Metal Gear Solid game, Motoyuki Yoshioka, head of Konami JPN, confirmed this week as the publisher reported its financial results for the first half of FY2005.