Metal Gear Solid 3: Snake Eater Features

FeatureWatch: At least Metal Gear Solid 3 is still really good

As Johnny finds out in Late to the Party.

So, how about that Metal Gear: Survive, huh? Well look, no matter what happens, we still have the brilliant Metal Gear games of yore. Perhaps my favourite one is MGS3, because you got to fart around in the jungle and put lots of animals in your pockets to keep on hold as a handy snack. Despite having played and loved the earlier games in the series, Johnny had never played Snake Eater, and, at the risk of sounding like clickbait, the reason behind that may shock you. Exclamation mark.

Metal Gear Solid 2 ended with an explosion of questions. In creating a game that questioned its own status as a game, Kojima had opened countless essentially insoluble plot threads. The most pressing one was: what next? Hideo Kojima initially tried to avoid directing Metal Gear Solid 3, or so the talk goes. He did not.

FeatureSaturday Soapbox: Loving the science, but don't forget the art

The rise of data-driven development has all sorts of benefits, but it shouldn't run the show.

We've all got lost in games. I don't mean that we've become so engrossed that external factors cease to matter - toast burns, cats starve, love falters, etc - although if you're reading this site then that's probably true as well. I mean we've gotten lost in games. It used to be a common complaint, in fact, that games spun you around or suddenly stopped saying new things and it would take ages to figure out what you were expected to do.

FeatureKonami's Hideo Kojima

Metal Gear's dad on war and exclusives.

Hideo Kojima appeared rather melancholy when we spoke to him at Games Convention this year - which is to be expected, we suppose, since he's just finished the game that will almost certainly be his magnum opus. We spoke to him about MGS4's development, the importance of exclusive titles, and gamers' obsession with hardware.

FeatureMetal Gear Solid 3: Snake Eater

He couldn't let it lie, could he? MGS3 may not have won our hearts and minds back at E3 in quite the same way Half-Life 2 did, but it certainly caught our attention this week. Say hello to Hideo Kojima's secret weapon: the Camouflage Index.


FeatureECTS 2003: Metal Gear Solid 3: Snake Eater

Our impressions from the show.

Although it didn't quite "steal the show" at E3 this year as some PS2 magazines claimed, Konami's Metal Gear Solid 3 trailer certainly brought a section of the show floor to a standstill at regular intervals. We were amongst the gawping masses paying close attention and although the trailer is now readily available on the web, we still made the "Director's Cut" version on show at ECTS one of our first ports of call this morning.

FeatureE3 2003: Snake Eater and Twin Snakes

Solid Snake appeared in two games at E3, but only one looks worth waiting for...

Whatever your personal feelings on Metal Gear Solid 2, there's no doubt that the once-revered franchise has come down in the world since that incredible trailer wowed audiences and left journalists scrambling for superlatives at E3 a few years ago - selling countless PS2s in the process. At E3 this year, not one but two MGS titles were shown, and to describe the reaction as "muted" would be an overstatement; the fact is that following the disappointing MGS2 and given the wealth of incredible stuff at the show, MGS just isn't that high on most people's must-see lists any more.