Metal Gear Online News

New Metal Gear Online set for reveal next week

Kojima to appear at The Game Awards.

Metal Gear Online to be switched off in June

Konami to tranquilise service for good.

Metal Gear Online patch released

Detects fraudulent network connections.

Konami reveals Euro MGO tourney

Fight for prizes in teams of six.

MGO Survival Challenge coming

Monthly 24-hour bouts of staying alive.

More goodies for Metal Gear Online

Old Snake! Octo-cam! Shadow Moses!

Konami adds bikinis to MGO

Game busts the one-year mark.

E3: Kojima announces Metal Gear Arcade

3D version of Metal Gear Online for arcades.

Free MGO content in May for all players

Race Mission and Patriot modes. Uh-oh.

MGO SCENE expansion dated, priced

Play as Vamp and Raiden, loads more.

Metal Gear SCENE expansion for March

Third add-on pack brings 3 maps, Raiden.

New MGO Bomb mission next week

Free and quite a lot like the plot of 24.

Free prizes for MGO newcomers

Konami runs Rookie Campaign.

WipEout, Metal Gear Online demos soon

Christmas Eve downloads for PSN fans.

Metal Gear Online gets hefty update

To coincide with MEME expansion.

MGO Meme Expansion gets date, price

Out this month and yours for seven quid.

Metal Gear Online has 1 million fans

Free Reward shop points for everyone.

Second MGO expansion for TGS next week

Three new maps, two new characters.

Metal Gear advisor faces smuggling rap

US Government not too happy with him.

"No permanent solution" to MGO problems

Konami gives full report and says sorry.

Konami struggles to deliver MGO add-on

Too many people, not enough internet.

Metal Gear Online add-on this week

Survival mode, maps, heroes, females.

David Hayter takes on the Internet

Voice of Snake responds to reports.

Two new modes for Metal Gear Online

Team Sneaking and Headshot Only.

Kojima lists his top five games

Is a big fan of his own work.

Metal Gear Online going solo in Japan

Kojima hints at worldwide tournament.

Limited edition MGS4 watch unveiled

Only 500 will be made. Hideo-approved.

MGS4 database on PS3 Store today

Only confirmed for the US so far.

Metal Gear series not finished with

But Solid Snake story is, says producer.

New mode and map for Metal Gear Online

Two teams fight as Snake picks them off.

Metal Gear Online beta is live

Weekend gets suddenly shorter.

MGO beta client updated

Get it ahead of weekend traffic.

Konami extending MGO beta

"Extraordinary" traffic causing problems

Sony back in PSN Thursday routine

Adds MGO beta, Warhawk expansion, more.

More Metal Gear Online beta details

Character creation, maps, modes.

Konami details MGO Euro beta

To run for two-and-a-half weeks.

PS Store re-launches here next week

Metal Gear Online beta dated, too.

Europe will get Metal Gear Online beta

Plans to be announced "shortly".

Metal Gear Online beta for Japan only?

Konami blocks Western sign-ups.

MGS4 European date same as US

12th June, says Konami everywhere.

US Metal Gear Solid 4 date and MGO beta

Euro announcement expected this week.

Metal Gear's TGS showing

MGS4 and Online playable. Plus the rest of Konami's line-up.

First in-game MGS4 footage

On Eurogamer TV now.

Metal Gear Online confirmed

PS3 game shown in Japan.