PES 2008 demo on PSN

Plus PS Eye games, more.

Demos of Pro Evolution Soccer 2008 and Juiced 2 are among the highlights in this week's PlayStation Network shop update for Europe. About time - on both counts.

PlayStation Eye Roundup

The success of EyeToy was undeniably one of the factors that kept the PS2 ticking long after its peers had slunk away to the hardware graveyard, so you can hardly blame Sony for introducing the next generation PlayStation camera package early in the PS3 life-cycle. Launching it with a collectible card game, however, seems like an odd option, such things not being famous for their cross-generational appeal, and the first two downloadable PlayStation Eye offerings don't exactly scream mainstream either.

Now, neither Mesmerize or Tori Emaki are really games in any meaningful sense of the word, so there won't be a score to pick apart at the end. Rather, this is a look at how Sony are supporting the Eye and what you can expect to be able to do with it over the next month or so.


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