Mercenaries 2: World in Flames News

Free Mercs 2 DLC on Live today

Blow It Up Again offers new modes.

Pandemic has released a free content update for Mercenaries 2 today, featuring four new gameplay modes - "Urban Rampage, Death Race, Arms Race and Mercs Blitz", according to an admin post on the official forum - and some "patriotic characters".

UK charts: EA trio still riding high

TNA makes little impact. Full top 40 inside.

EA games Mercenaries 2, Tiger Woods PGA Tour 09 and Spore have held on at one, two and three respectively this week in the UK all-formats chart.

Riccitiello: EA quality up "sharply"

"We've turned the corner on that issue."

John Riccitiello believes the fruits of his reappointment as EA boss are beginning to show and has noted a "sharp" rise in the quality of the publisher's games.

Mercs 2 dev admits "huge debt" to GTA

But sees Rockstar as "friendly competitors".

Pandemic Studios has acknowledged that openworld action game Mercenaries 2 owes "a huge debt to GTA", but doesn't believe that players have to buy one and not the other.

Mercenaries 2 demo, DLC planned

DLC is already "up and running".

Pandemic Studios plans to release a Mercenaries 2 demo and will also support the openworld action game with downloadable content.

Mercs 2 PS2 is "true sequel to Mercs 1"

Mercs 2 PS2 is "true sequel to Mercs 1"

In case you were wondering.

Mercenaries 2: World in Flames is likely to catch (and set fire to) your attention on PS3, 360 and PC primarily. However, a PS2 version is in development and is described by Pandemic as "actually a true sequel to Mercs 1 developed by a dedicated team".

Following our Mercenaries 2 interview the other day, creative director Cameron Brown explained that the game has been "specifically designed for the PS2 and the limitations of the platform, so it doesn't have co-op, for example, and is a little more designed around the hardware".

"The two games are loosely connected; they have the same story, the same characters, we shared assets. But they filled out an entirely separate game world and reinterpreted a lot of the mission designs," he said.

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Mercenaries 2 on four platforms

PS3, Xbox 360, PC and PS2.

Speculation over which platforms Mercenaries 2 will appear on has finally ground to halt, as EA has announced the game will be coming to Xbox 360, PC, PS3 and PS2 in the Christmas period this year.

Mercenaries 2 Q&A

We pin down Pandemic to talk about the move to EA.

Following on from last week's announcement that Electronic Arts will publish Mercenaries 2: World in Flames, we tracked down Pandemic Studios president Josh Resnick for a quick chat about the move, and how the game will improve on its critically acclaimed predecessor.

EA signs Mercenaries 2

On PS3 later this year.

Electronic Arts has signed on to publish Pandemic's upcoming Mercenaries 2: World in Flames worldwide.

Pandemic's next-gen sequel to Mercenaries could appear on Xbox 360 as well as PlayStation 3, the developer's revealed.

Venezuelan politicians slam Mercenaries 2

They reckon it's propaganda.

Mercenaries 2, the new next-gen title from Pandemic Studios, has been labelled as an example of psychological warfare by supporters of Venezuela president Hugo Chavez, who fear it signifies the first step towards a real life invasion.

Mercenaries 2 confirmed

Mercenaries 2 confirmed

For next-gen.

Pandemic's confirmed speculation that it's working on a sequel to Mercenaries.

Called Mercenaries 2: World in Flames, it's due to be shown off at E3 in detail. For now, all we really know is that it's set in a different location to the first, PS2 and Xbox title, which saw the player violently picking sides in a struggle for bits of Korea.

"While the original Mercenaries' high-octane, go anywhere, do anything and blow the crap out of everything style was a hit with gamers, the whole experience was screaming to run on next-generation game systems," said Pandemic CEO Andrew Goldman.

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