Men of War: Assault Squad

Men of War: Assault Squad

Digitalmindsoft's ongoing World War II real-time strategy series always did a spiffing job of streamlining the RTS experience. The total lack of any base construction leaves you to focus on the business of war, and Assault Squad, Men Of War's second standalone expansion, feels like a distillation of the experience.

For those unfamiliar with the way Men Of War plays, here's the boot-camp version. You begin at one end of the map and advance upwards, knocking out enemy units and fortifications and capturing strategic locations. These locations increase your drip-feed of requisition points, which in turn are spent on new units, which roll onto the table from your starting location.

Capturing strategic points also lets you delve deeper into the toybox, and order up more powerful – or more specialised – units to assist the war effort, which are lovingly recreated from their real-world counterparts.

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Men of War: Assault Squad

All riot on the Eastern Front.

Think of a World War II real-time strategy title and Relic's Company of Heroes immediately springs to mind. It was like Dawn of War's serious older brother. Or better still, Band of Brothers: The Game, with production values to match.