Men of War

Men of War

Men of War

Company of Heroes has company.

Corpses. Every Men of War battlefield ends up dotted with dozens of them. If they could speak, if they could tell us about their last moments of life, their stories would be as distinct as they were dramatic:

"I was killed by a 20mm cannon shell that punched through the henhouse I was sheltering behind." "I was sniped while trying to scavenge medical supplies from a crashed transport plane." "I was run-over by an out-of-control staff car." "I was in a half-track that plunged through the ice on a frozen river." "I was blown to pieces by a mortar bomb while trying to fix a tank turret." "I was exiting a blazing Panzer when I stepped on an anti-personnel mine." "I was on sentry duty when someone shot me with a silenced pistol, then stole my hat."

Men of War makes the 1939-45 havoc proffered by other real-time strategy games - even Relic's classic Company of Heroes - seem drab and predictable. Its fragile and flammable scenery, extravagant physics, resourceful AI and awesome scale and intricacy combine to create chaos so brutal even Hieronymus Bosch and the Chapman Brothers would blanch.

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Cryostasis, NecroVisioN, MoW dated

505's PC threesome in late February.

505 Games has said that its upcoming PC trio of Cryostasis, NecroVisioN and Men of War will all be released under the 1C Company label in Europe on 20th February.