Mega Man Legends 3 Project (cancelled)

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Capcom promises Mega Man announcements

Capcom promises Mega Man announcements "in due course"

"There are times we have to make decisions that don't make sense to the community."

Capcom has promised disgruntled Mega Man fans it still remains committed to the franchise - and revealed plans to announce new games in the series "in due course".

The Japanese publisher disappointed many Mega Man fans when it canned Nintendo 3DS game Mega Man Legends 3 and the Prototype version of the game, intended as a Nintendo eShop download.

This, coupled with the departure of Mega Man creator Keiji Inafune, caused some to fear Capcom had ditched the blue boy robot for good.

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Mega Man creator announces 3DS game

Mega Man creator announces 3DS game

UPDATE: King of Pirates Japan only.

UPDATE: King of Pirates is currently only planned for release in Japan (as of Oct. 2011), according to the game's recently launched website.

ORIGINAL STORY: Mega Man creator Keiji Inafune is making a Nintendo 3DS game called King of Pirates, due out next year.

It's described as an action RPG with multiplayer by Andriasang. King of Pirates (Kai-oh in Japanese) has a pirate theme. You play as a penguin.

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Inafune offered to finish MML3

Capcom: "We have no need to do that."

Departed Capcom development chief Keiji Inafune offered to finish the cancelled Mega Man Legends 3 project, but Capcom declined, according to a Game Blurb report.

Capcom cancels Mega Man 3DS game

Capcom cancels Mega Man 3DS game

Insists franchise is still important.

Capcom has cancelled development of its Nintendo 3DS Mega Man game.

Mega Man Legends 3, announced in September last year, was cancelled because it failed to meet "the required criteria", Capcom said.

In a FAQ on Capcom Unity, Capcom said it has no plans to restart the project in the future.

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Vote for Mega Man Legends 3 heroine

Capcom wants your help with development.

Capcom is inviting its fans to help develop Mega Man Legends 3 by submitting ideas for gameplay, bosses, characters and other elements.