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Mega Man 9

Mega Man 9

Solid as a rock.

I usually resist the urge to include snippets from press materials in my reviews, mostly because I like to retain a little fragment of industry mystique. If you knew the scintillating truth of what goes on behind the gilded portcullis of the games business (clue: lots of truffles) where would the magic be? Even so, the letter which accompanied the review code for Mega Man's ninth platform outing is almost too perfect not to share a little.

"We want to HURT YOU," it begins, in alarming fashion. "Mega Man 9 is the hardest game ever," it proclaims. "You will die on every screen. At least a hundred times," the letter continues, now sounding more like a terrorist threat than an invitation to play. "Our goal is to make you cry and give up, not just on the game, or gaming, but life itself."

Crikey. Capcom wants to drive us to suicide, and its weapon of choice is... Retro?

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