Mega Apocalypse

Mega Apocalypse

Mega Apocalypse


"Speedup! Rotate! Extra life! Missile! MissMissMissile! Speedup!" Those were the words which repeatedly barked out of the C64's extraordinarily capable SID chip every time you picked up the plethora of pickups which spewed forth from outer space between rounds in the frantic, but wonderful arcade shooter Mega Apocalypse.

Synthesised speech back then was kind of a big deal - but the feats of audio legend Rob Hubbard knew no bounds when it came to the C64, and somehow he even managed to devise a means of overlaying the crystal clear speech on top of one of his trademark three channel tunes.

All this and a great game too. As the follow-up to the neglected-but-promising Crazy Comets, Mega Apocalypse was easily the most impressive game ever to emerge from the rather patchy Martech stable (a cottage industry publisher, based in Pevensey Bay, East Sussex, no less), and, hilariously, was referred to at the time by critics as being retro. In 1987.

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