Medal of Honor: Warfighter Reviews

Medal of Honor: Warfighter review

Warfighter sounds like a joke. It's the sort of ludicrously macho title you'd expect to find on a mischievous Grand Theft Auto parody of first-person military shooters, or perhaps a cheesy Rainier Wolfcastle movie in The Simpsons. What's really disappointing is that either of those options would be more entertaining than what's ended up on this disc.

That Medal of Honor: Warfighter is utterly generic and devoid of personality doesn't come as much of a surprise. Clearly dusted off to fill the years when DICE can't provide EA with a new Battlefield game, Medal of Honor's rebirth as a khaki placeholder is now complete. This is not a game that seeks to challenge or innovate. It's here to give you exactly what you expect and nothing more. Yet even when following in the footsteps of others, it can't help tripping over its own boots.

The story finds you hopping from one Tier One operative to another across a fragmented time frame as you close in on The Cleric, a shadowy terrorist leader who should in no way be taken as a stand-in for Bin Laden. You pop up in Pakistan, Yemen, Dubai and Sarajevo to take down evil Muslims, Somalian pirates and swarthy Eastern Europeans. Stark captions tell you that events happened SIX WEEKS AGO or EIGHTEEN HOURS LATER - but none of it adds up to anything compelling, or even coherent.

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