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Sony details May PlayStation Plus content

Sony details May PlayStation Plus content

Awesomenauts and Max Payne for free, Binary Domain discounted.

Free downloads of side-scrolling arena dust-up Awesomenauts and PlayStation 2 classic Max Payne headline May's PlayStation Plus content.

Subscribers to Sony's premium service can download both Remedy's original Payne romp and Ronimo's colourful follow-up to highly-regarded RTS Swords & Soldiers from 2nd May.

You can also grab eight casual titles from developer Tik Games free of charge until 4th July, including Hamsterball and Mushroom Wars.

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Max Payne HD announced

Max Payne HD announced

Due out on mobiles.

Rockstar Games has announces a HD version of the first Max Payne game for mobiles.

The GTA maker did not specify which mobile devices are targeted, or when the game will launch.

Max Payne on mobile will connect to the Rockstar Games Social Club and include the same features as its PC counterparts, Rockstar said.

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3DR "bewildered" by Max Payne film

But Scott Miller also "proud", bizarrely.

Scott Miller, producer of the Max Payne videogame, has voiced first his bewilderment at the movie adaptation starring Mark Wahlberg, and then, er, his pride in it.

Beau Bridges to star in Max Payne film

He'll play our hero's mentor.

Beau Bridges, star of Stargate SG-1, The Fabulous Baker Boys and being Jeff Bridges' brother, has signed up to appear in the forthcoming Max Payne movie.

Max Payne, Alice on track

To make big screen debuts.

Hollywood producer Scott Faye has confirmed that the big screen adaptations of Max Payne and Alice are still on track and are coming along nicely, thank you.

Max Payne film confirmed

Max Payne film confirmed

It's going back to his roots.

It's been four years since developer Remedy first announced that Max Payne was getting an adventure on the big screen - and since then, we've heard nothing.

But now the project is back on track, according to the Hollywood Reporter, which says 20th Century Fox is working with Collision Entertainment and Firm Films to produce Max Payne: the movie.

There's no word on who's set to star or who will direct the film, but apparently it'll be a Dirty Harry-style movie with a storyline that will focus on Max's history and origins.

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