Max Payne 3 Videos

Digital FoundryMax Payne 3 Xbox 360 vs. PC Comparison Video

Console against computer at max settings.

Digital FoundryMax Payne 3 PS3 vs. PC Comparison Video

High-end PC settings compared against the output of the Sony console.

VideoThe Wisdom of Max Payne

Finished Max Payne 3? Relive Max's adventure with the highlights of his internal monologue.

Digital FoundryMax Payne 3 Gameplay Performance Video

Frame-rate tests on gameplay clips from Xbox 360 and PlayStation 3 versions.

Digital FoundryMax Payne 3 Cut-Scene Analysis Video

Like for like footage compared for performance on Xbox 360 and PlayStation 3.

Digital FoundryMax Payne 3 Xbox 360/PS3 Comparison Video

Console versions head-to-head with 360 showing some additional effects.

VideoMax Payne 3 multiplayer Gang Wars footage

Form online posses, continue the single-player story.

VideoNew Max Payne 3 clip shows off multiplayer

Rockstar explains how Bullet Time works.

VideoMax Payne 3 visual effects and cinematics video

Seamless transitions from cut-scenes to gameplay.

VideoNew Max Payne 3 trailer reveals story

Rockstar's third-person shooter in action.

VideoMax Payne 3 targeting and shooting footage

Rockstar's third-person shooter in action.

VideoMax Payne 3 vid gets commentary

New Rockstar shooter dissected.

VideoNew Max Payne 3 footage blasts in

Rockstar readies shooter for March 2012.