Max Payne 3 Features

I'm not sure if there's another game I feel more conflicted about than Max Payne 3. The first two games rank amongst my personal favourites - particularly the second, which I think is one of the finest action shooters going. Max Payne 3 is at once better and worse than its predecessors. It has more intense shootouts, far superior visual effects, and production values to rival any Hollywood blockbuster - all of which were exactly what Max Payne strived to achieve back in 1999.

Released a couple of weeks after the console versions to avoid being crushed by the Diablo 3 juggernaut, Max Payne 3 on PC is no mere afterthought or lazy port. Put simply, it's by far and away the best version money can buy, embossed and embellished to a standard that should satisfy the majority of the PC userbase.