The Maw

Three new levels planned for The Maw

"Deleted scenes" DLC coming within weeks.

Xbox Live Arcade developer Twisted Pixel has told Kotaku that it's working on three new levels for The Maw, to be released as DLC "over the coming weeks".

The Maw

The Maw

The merrier.

With production values to rival most full-price platform games, The Maw is certainly an eye-catching addition to the Xbox Live Arcade line-up. It's also an entertaining one, even if the amusement is rather short-lived.

It's the saga of a peace-loving alien called Frank. Snatched by extra-terrestrial bounty hunters for reasons unknown, his calming psychic powers allow him to befriend a cyclopean gelatinous blob also held captive by the bounty hunters. This blob, dubbed The Maw, is an insatiable eating machine. When the spaceship crash-lands on a mysterious planet, Frank grabs a plasma leash from the wreckage and sets off to explore with his toothsome pet.

Not only can The Maw enthusiastically gobble up pretty much any living creature of equal or smaller size, it can also take on their attributes. Much like Kirby before him (and A Boy and his Blob before that) you must use Frank's ingenuity and The Maw's unique abilities to escape the planet.

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