The Matrix: Path of Neo

The Matrix: Path of Neo

The Matrix: Path of Neo

Waaaaaaaaake uuuuuuuuuuup! Wake! Uuuuuuuuuuuuup!

Here's what I don't get about Enter The Matrix: It wasn't about Neo because Neo is too powerful. Too powerful for what? Too powerful to be a videogame character? Don't we, um, routinely withstand the organised might of entire armies when we take on the mantle of an ordinary-guy-with-nothing-to-lose? I've been rookies-on-the-force with nought but a handgun and an entire drugs cartel out to get me, and emerged a cigar-smoking, rocket-launching, bullet-dodging lunatic standing on a mountain of erstwhile goons. We are programmed to overlook the average lead's implausible capacity for violence and utterly ludicrous resilience in the face of everything from headshots to head-stomps from 90-foot robot-dragons. So Neo can punch people 10 times a second, jump between skyscrapers and take on two hundred Hugo Weavings simultaneously. That rules him out of the running for the latest vacancy under my thumbs how, exactly? It sounds more like he inquired about the room in my PS2 and then turned up with a reference from Kurosawa and a character statement from Doomguy. He's made for this life.

And so it proves in The Path of Neo, which follows him from "Wake up Neo" to machine city.

When Neo runs up someone's torso and delivers a skull-crushing volley to the face in slow motion, it ticks the box next to "true to source material" and the one next to "suitable videogame moment" so quickly you'd swear it was using two pens. When he cuts down an enemy with a samurai sword, and then without even turning fires the blade into the chap behind him and then boots him off it again before spinning into a roundhouse to someone's slacking jaw, you don't even have to suspend your disbelief. It's meant to be like this.

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The Matrix: Path of Neo trailer

Fans of The Matrix (you LOVE The Matrix! I've seen you! With your Matrix!) will want to check out a new addition to Eurofiles today: a Path of Neo trailer. It's available through whichever of these words we've made into a hyperlink.

Path of Neo, released today on PS2, Xbox and PC, puts players in control of Neo, and sees him pounding his way through the plot of the three films, with the occasional sojourn into made-up-extra-bit territory and a new ending, preceded by the Wachowski brothers randomly wandering into the game and explaining themselves. Quite a sight.

Our full review will be up soon. (Small preview: we like the fighting, we don't like some of the other bits.) In the meantime, go ahead and download the trailer! You know you One to.

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In and out of The Matrix

David Perry on how Path of Neo lets you rewrite the story.

Enter The Matrix may have sold over five million copies worldwide, but even the most hardened Matrix apologist knows it wasn't the game it should have been. Hell, even the boss of developer Shiny, David Perry, admits it was missing a ton of features that were on the original design document.

Enter The Bank Balance

Shiny boss Dave Perry on making the Matrix game that should have been.

As much of a global smash hit as Enter The Matrix was, it's fair to say that it was hardly the game Matrix fans demanded. As Shiny boss Dave Perry himself admits in this revealing interview, you wouldn't get away with releasing a Batman game that didn't allow you to play as the Caped Crusader, and it's stating the obvious to note that gamers wanted to play as Neo.