Mass Effect 2 Videos

Video | Mass Effect 2 Arrival DLC trailer

Final add-on available today.

Digital Foundry | Mass Effect 2: PS3/360 Engine Performance

The same scenes tested on both platforms...

Digital Foundry | Mass Effect 2: PS3 Install Time-Lapse

Another lengthy wait analysed by Digital Foundry.

Digital Foundry | Mass Effect 2: PS3/Xbox 360 Face-Off

Only minor differences between the two games...

Digital Foundry | Mass Effect 2 PS3: demo vs. review code

Performance analysis of the demo and the final game.

Video | Mass Effect 2 ready to launch on PS3

With over 6 hours of bonus content.

Digital Foundry | Mass Effect 2 demo: Xbox 360 vs. PS3 Face-Off

Comparison video of BioWare's epic space opera.

Video | Mass Effect 2 - The story so far

New DLC and a new demo for EA's space epic.

Video | Mass Effect 2 at EA's London showcase

Geth AI runs riot in the new DLC pack.

Video | Mass Effect 2 launch trailer

It's nearly here it's nearly here.

Video | Mass Effect 2 - Blur trailer

President Barlett sizes Shepard up.

Video | Mass Effect 2 - Sentinel

Biotic and tech lovers unite.

Video | Mass Effect 2's Engineer

Drinks tea well, excels at long lunch breaks.

Video | Mass Effect 2 - Subject Zero

Not one to take home to momma.