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Mark of the Ninja Preview: A new perspective on stealth/action

FeatureMark of the Ninja Preview: A new perspective on stealth/action

Klei's follow-up to Shank 2 recalls a 2D Arkham City... with more killing.

It's a lonely life, being a ninja. You need to put aside any notions of honour, glory, and individuality and do your duty without a taking an iota of credit. It doesn't help when you're among the last of your kind living in the modern era. And it's especially discouraging when you're on a suicide mission from which there is no escape.

Shank developer Klei Entertainment's upcoming Mark of the Ninja may retain a similar stylish cartoon aesthetic to its Rambo-esque throwback - all bold angular lines and brights splashes of colour - but this is a much darker tone than the studio's previous offerings.

The lore behind Mark of the Ninja is that in times of crisis, an insulated ninja clan can call upon a champion with great power to save them. This is done by adorning the chosen warrior with tattoos made from a forbidden ink that imbues the wearer with special powers.

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