Mario Smash Football

Mario Smash Football

Mario Smash Football

A frenzied foray of footy frolics.

A small synopsis of our early encounters with Mario Smash Football, accurately, phonetically transcribed from the source tape.


Several hours later:

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Mario Smash Football dated

With accompanying bundle.

Nintendo has confirmed a release date for its surprisingly-entertaining Mario-flavoured football game, Mario Smash Football - known to those who saw it at E3 as Super Mario Strikers. It'll be released on 18th November.

Games journalists are often accused of championing silly little semi-mediocre games because they want to sound clever. Well, I have long since given up on sounding clever, so I'm quite content to say whatever the hell I like. For example: SEGA Soccer Slam was brilliant fun, and its reception on GameCube and latterly PS2 and Xbox was downright maddening. Not least because I'd dig it out of a Friday night and my assembled chums would start, "Woah, woah... I heard that was awful." This angers me. You... wouldn't... like... the feeble joke I thought of wheeling out there. But, if you played it, you probably would like Soccer Slam.