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Mario Party 8

Mario Party 8

Partied Out.

Mario Party 8. Eight Mario parties! That's a lot of cake, streamers and mini sausage rolls over the years, and that's with fudging the numbers; there was also the poorly received Mario Party Advance, plus an e-Reader card game and an arcade installment that were never released here. With that in mind, the first Mario Party to hit the Wii had better do something pretty special to make it worthwhile if you've already purchased one already - especially considering you probably already own about 5 mini-game collections for the Wii, anyway.

So, what wonderful special something could Mario Party 8 do to make it different from its predecessors? Well, there's the Wii Remote, that's a given. Waving it in the air is always fun - well, as long as something corresponding is happening on screen. And there's the Miis! Of course! This could be the first Mario Party title to let you use your Miis to play the boards and the mini-games! That would be great!

That would be great, if it wasn't one of the most obvious missed opportunities in Hudson Soft's long list of missed opportunities with Mario Party 8. While you can play with your Miis in Mario Party 8, they're limited to eight games found in the "extras tent", a terribly threadbare little section of the game. Four of the games on offer are locked to begin with, and two of the games you'll have already played, because one's just table tennis and the other is bowling. In a clattering display of shamelessness, they work exactly the same as bowling and tennis in Wii Sports, rendering them entirely pointless. The rest of the games fare little better, as forgettable little puzzle games and racers.

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