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GameSpy servers to shut down next month

UPDATE: Borderlands PC, Civ 3 & 4 will migrate to Steamworks.

UPDATE #4 22/04/2014: 2K will be migrating the PC versions of Borderlands, Civilization 3 and Civilization 4 - along with their expansions - to Steamworks following GameSpy's multiplayer server shutdown.

New HD Mario Kart screenshots revealed

It's arcade game Mario Kart: Arcade Gran Prix DX.

Screenshots of a new HD Mario Kart game have surfaced - not from Nintendo, but from Namco Bandai, developer of the series' arcade outings.

Black Mario Kart Wii bundle announced

Nintendo has announced a new Wii bundle, which includes a Black Wii, Black Wii Wheel and Mario Kart.

The Black Wii is the new configuration Wii, which stands horizontally rather than vertically and doesn't play GameCube games.

The Mario Kart Wii bundle launches on 18th November.

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Wii price cut, budget games confirmed

Wii price cut, budget games confirmed

130/$150 console, 20/$20 titles.

The rumoured Wii price cut and budget Wii games range has this morning been confirmed by Nintendo.

From 20th May in Europe (and 15th May in the US), the price of a Wii console bundle (with either Mario Kart Wii & Wii Wheel or Wii Sports Resort & Wii Sports) will drop to 129.99 ($149.99).

On the same day, Nintendo will introduce a Nintendo Selects budget-price Wii game range. Titles cost 19.99 ($19.99).

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Nintendo's fab Donkey Kong Country sales

Nintendo's fab Donkey Kong Country sales

Plus eye-popping lifetime sales disclosed.

In under one month, Donkey Kong Country Returns has trampled to a massive 4.21 million global sales.

Kirby's Epic Yarn - not yet released in Europe - has already amassed 1.38 million sales in Japan and the US.

And Super Mario Galaxy 2 has been bought 6.15 million times since its summer 2010 release.

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Mario Kart Wii bundle announced

Mario Kart Wii bundle announced

Includes original Donkey Kong pre-installed.

A limited edition black Wii bundle that includes Mario Kart Wii and a bunch of accessories will release in Europe on 26th November, Nintendo's announced.

Those accessories are a black Nunchuk, black Wii Remote Plus, black Wii Wheel and Wii Sports.

As a bonus, it'll also include Donkey Kong original edition pre-installed on the Wii "in homage to Mario's first ever appearance".

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Four Nintendo million-sellers in FYQ3

Compared to six in same period last time.

Nintendo's profits may be down a bit, but four of the company's games still managed to sell more than a million units between April and June.

Q3's top five best-sellers revealed

Madden, Wii Fit and Star Wars win out.

Electronic Arts notched up the world's biggest selling game from July to September with Madden NFL 09 shifting 2.994 million units, according to a new report combining US, UK and Japanese sales data.

Mario Kart reclaims Top 40 pole

Wii and DS continue to dominate.

Mario Kart Wii has reclaimed top spot from Wii Fit in the UK All-Formats Top 40 according to the latest Chart-Track data, reproduced below.

Mario Kart Wii

Mario Kart Wii

Booster gold.

Mario Kart Wii sets out its stall in the last corner of the first track in the Mushroom Cup, Luigi Circuit. There's a chicane, followed by a huge, wide, banked curve, which leads onto the finishing straight. Inside the chicane, off the track, is a ramp. The top of the banked curve is lined with a series of ten or so on-track zip pads.

So, if you have a mushroom item in store, the quickest route around the corner is this. You use the mushroom for a speed boost, short-cutting across the chicane. You hit the ramp and jerk back on the wheel, executing a stunt. This gives you a speed boost when you hit the track again. Then you hit the first zip pad, and get a speed boost. You hop and slide, counter-steering with the wheel, sparks flying, first blue, then yellow. You hold the slide as the zip pads give you speed boost after speed boost after speed boost. You hit the straight and come out of the slide - which gives you a speed boost.

If you're really lucky, you'll have been doing all this in line behind another racer, slipstreaming granting a speed boost. If you're on a motorbike, you can then pull a wheelie down the straight. This gives you... you get the idea.

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Mario Kart stunt system revealed

No more snaking, do tricks instead.

It's been confirmed you won't be able to snake to earn speed boosts in Mario Kart Wii - but there's a new stunt system to make up for it.

Mario Kart Wii online details

Mario Kart Wii online details

How it all works.

Nintendo UK has updated its website with a walkthrough of Mario Kart Wii's online multiplayer options.

One or two players can connect to Nintendo Wi-Fi Connection from a single console, and then select from Worldwide, Continental or Friend pools of players.

"Then you will be placed in a new group of people looking for a match, or you will join an existing group," says the website.

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New Mario Kart Wii information

On control schemes, items, modes.

With Mario Kart Wii due out in Japan on 10th April, Nintendo has revealed more information - including support for additional control schemes and a few details on new power-ups.

Nintendo of America spits out dates

Specific for Okami, loose for Mario Kart, etc.

Nintendo of America has issued an enormous pile of release dates and estimates for its upcoming games and those of its cherished third parties. Obviously these only apply to the US, but they are still encouraging yardsticks for when things will be finished and ready to be quickly released in Europe no excuses this time.

Mario Kart Wii details

Mario Kart Wii details

From Nintendo Power.

US magazine Nintendo Power has revealed new details about the upcoming Mario Kart game for Nintendo Wii, most notably that it will feature 16 new tracks and as-yet undisclosed new weapons.

Mario Kart Wii - announced at E3 this year - sees the famed racing series make the transition to Wii, gaining a motion-sensor steering system based on holding the Wiimote with its buttons facing upward, a bit like Excite Truck, motorbikes and online racing.

As previously revealed, online games will support up to 12 players. Nintendo Power's preview adds that they will be able to pound one another with traditional power-ups like Koopa shells and lightning bolts, and fire themselves ahead with mushrooms.

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Nintendo clarifies Q2 dates

Not finalised as yet.

Nintendo has sent out a note this morning explaining that Nintendo software release dates issued yesterday for Q2 2008 and beyond "have not been finalised or confirmed", although it did describe Mario Kart's as "fixed".

Mario Kart Wii in Q2 2008

Plus, dates for new Advance Wars DS, Apollo Justice and more.

Update: Nintendo issued the following statement earlier clarifying the below: "The Nintendo first and third party software line-up release schedule which was distributed by Nintendo on Thursday 6th December confirmed launch dates for Nintendo titles launching in Q1 2008.

Wii Fit date, bikes in Mario Kart

Plus Wii Ware games, Fire Emblem DS, DS download channel.

As well as adding Sonic to the Smash Bros. roster, Nintendo's Japanese press conference also brought us the local release date for Wii Fit, news of motorbikes in Mario Kart and a few details on the first games for downloadable service Wii Software (Wii Ware), announced this June.

Mario Kart details 'speculation'

Mario Kart details 'speculation'

Official mag holds up hands.

Official Nintendo Magazine has held up its hands and apologised for getting a bit over-excited about potential features in the Wii version of Mario Kart.

Issue 21 of the mag says the game will let you take part in 16-player online battles, pull-off mid-air stunts and race on all of the DS tracks in revamped form.

However, according to a statement issued to Eurogamer, it turns out this is all "merely excitable speculation" based on the Mario Kart trailer shown at this year's E3.

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