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Mario Kart DS

Ellie goes hands-on with Nintendo's classic karter.

Let's not muck about, Mario Kart is the best series of racing games ever. Yes, better than all those super shiny ones with beautifully polished cars and incredibly realistic driving physics and tarmac made up of individually rendered pieces of gravel designed by people who have made it their life's work to recreate interminable stretches of motorway to absolute perfection and gone half blind in the process.

Mario Kart DS

Kart carrier signals.

Walking along the Hollywood Walk of Fame on the way to Nintendo's pre-E3 press conference last month, I stumbled across Mario Kart. Not the game, either, but rather an actual cart selling, well, actually I don't know. It was closed. But the cart itself was either an incredible coincidence, a fan who had no idea what was going on in the hotel behind him, or, I like to think, a canny bit of salesmanship from a man who, judging by his marketing gumption, quite probably could have done bigger and better things with this life.