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Update: Mario Kart and Crash or Mario Kart and Pokémon for £299

Update 24/11The last few Switch deals are popping in and out of stock - today's best is aNintendo Switch Neon with Super Mario Odyssey for £288.99 from Amazon, although you can swap that for a different game if you like. For other Switch bundles, including Pokemon Let's Go, hit up our big list of Nintendo Black Friday and Cyber Monday deals.

Digital FoundryTech Evolution: 25 years of Super Mario Kart

Nine games analysed across nine consoles: Digital Foundry charts the evolution of the classic series.

Can you believe it? This week marks the 25th anniversary of Super Mario Kart - the original, pioneering Super Nintendo release. Many imitators have come and gone, but that 1992 release set the template for seven sequels - eight if you count the excellent Mario Kart 8 Deluxe on Switch - and we felt that was worthy of celebration. But beyond the anniversary itself, the importance of Mario Kart's evolution across the years is significant - each series entry defines the strengths and weaknesses of its host platform, and demonstrates the values, practises and philosophy that set Nintendo apart from its competition.

FeatureNintendo consolidates an already special year

Short, sharp and direct, a Switched-on Nintendo shows its best side.

Nintendo stood out even more than normal at this year's E3, and that's not just because you could have cut Reggie into the new series of Twin Peaks without so much as changing a line of his charming doggerel dialogue. Nintendo's ditched conferences for a while now, relying on short, sharp video presentations that do the job of a conference in half the time, and with no need to brave Downtown traffic. This year, though, there was a stronger sense than normal that Nintendo is operating in a different world to its competitors, and that it's managed to transform its own recent fortunes. The strange place that Reggie addresses us from is success: palpable success. The Switch really has changed everything for Nintendo, and this Nintendo Direct was a chance to understand that.

Digital FoundryMario Kart 8 Deluxe: a great console title is a handheld revelation

Switch's enhanced Wii U port works beautifully on the go.

Mario 8 Kart Deluxe is set for release on April 28th and we've been fortunate enough to have spent around a week with the game now - and it's an extremely impressive package. Graphical upgrades in terms of art assets are few and far between, but this release enhances one of Wii U's very best titles - easily one of the best-looking games on Nintendo's last machine. On top of that, a good amount of thought has gone into gameplay tweaks that subtly improve playability, and yes, there is additional 'content'.