Magical Starsign

And another thing: I hate the way the sun always gets in my eyes in winter. Sometimes it feels like the whole world is against me; it did last night when I glided unaware through some dog mess. Got right in the tread. Will probably need a toothbrush to get that out - I hope my flatmate doesn't mind. Still, when you run yourself a hot bath and sink into a cosy bed you can almost forgive the biting cold and animals - escaping the winter is what makes it memorable.

Magical Starsign

Magical Starsign

A fortuitous alignment of DS and RPG.

Given the fact that the Nintendo DS is enormously popular in its native land of Japan, it's really quite surprising that the turn-based RPG is so badly under represented on the system.

Certainly, we understand that the brain trainers and the dog lovers who bought it to poke virtual puppies probably aren't that bothered about playing RPGs. But nevertheless, this is still the country where Dragon Quest and Final Fantasy have ruled the gaming charts with an iron fist for two decades. You'd think that by now, its best selling console in years would have been graced with more than the token handful of decent RPG efforts we've seen.

Magical Starsign is the latest game to attempt to redress this balance, and, perhaps surprisingly, it's actually a bloody good attempt. The sequel to a GBA title which never popped up in the West, it's a game of hidden depths. It's one whose appeal will take in both younger audiences, and older players who are willing to surrender to the saccharine-sweet presentation for long enough to get hooked on the genuinely excellent gameplay.

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Magical Starsign EU date

DS RPG in February.

'Twas a starry night of old that Nintendo did announce a European release date of 9th February for Magical Starsign. So, yesterday, in common speak.