Mafia 3 Videos

Watch: Mafia 3 gameplay shows a 1960s open world that feels fresh

Welcome to your weekend round-up of Outside Xbox videos. This time we begin with new gameplay footage from mob-'em-up Mafia 3.

If you're familiar with the Mafia series, you might be wondering why the lead character isn't wearing a snappy suit and fedora. That's because these aren't the romanticised adventures of the Italian mob. Mafia 3 is about a man called Lincoln Clay, out to disassemble the Mafia and replace it with a motley bunch of criminals. And that's not the only reason the game's fictionalised New Orleans feels fresh.

Loading screens were the other thing on our minds this week. In 1995, publisher Namco gave the world not only Time Crisis and Tekken 2, but also a patent for a system that ran minigames in the loading screens of other games, which kept other games from doing that for over two decades.

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