Mafia II Videos

VideoMafia II: Joe's Adventures - 15 mins

Quest for Joe Barbaro's treasure.

Digital FoundryMafia II's 2D foliage

Shades of 80s SEGA arcade games in Mafia II...

Digital FoundryMafia II PS3/Xbox 360 performance analysis

Frame rate tests from the final retail game.

Digital FoundryMafia II PS3/PC Face-Off

The PS3 goes head-to-head with the PC version of Mafia II.

Digital FoundryMafia II Xbox 360/PC Face-Off

Console against computer in like-for-like video.

Digital FoundryMafia II Xbox 360/PS3 Face-Off

The console versions compared via high quality video.

VideoMafia II DLC gameplay

Jimmy's Vendetta detailed.

VideoMafia II Jimmy's Vendetta DLC

New missions and arcade gameplay.

Digital FoundryMafia II demo performance analysis

DF checks out the controversial PS3 and 360 demo code...

VideoMafia II Demo - first 15 minutes

Vintage mobster mayhem.

VideoMafia II - technical developer diary

2K lay out the game's tech.

VideoMafia II gameplay footage

Gunning for your money.

VideoMafia 2 Kick in the Head trailer

2K give you a trailer you can't refuse...

VideoMafia II's Tools of the trade

You can't buy these at B&Q.

VideoMafia II - Nvidia Physx Trailer

They should really learn to spell 'physics'.

VideoMafia II - latest developer diary

2K Czech's period punch-up gets closer.