Mafia II


The Mafia series is getting a trilogy re-release

UPDATE: Mafia 2 next week, lavish Mafia 1 remake in August.

NFS: Most Wanted, Mafia 2 free for PS Plus subscribers in August

And Spec Ops: The Line, Lego Lord of the Rings.

Mafia 3 heading to next Xbox, PS4 - report

Was a launch title. Now isn't.

Lay-offs at 2K's Mafia 2 studio

40+ staff handed their P45s.

Mafia creator founds new studio

Warhorse working on RPG.

2K confirms Mafia II special editions

DLC bundled in at discount price.

Mafia II: Director's Cut sighted

2K to repackage mob saga?

Feature | Thriving Core

Take-Two's sales figures suggest there's never been a better time to be a core gamer.

Mob violence victim calls for Mafia II ban

Makes "players identify with brutal killers".

Video | Mafia II: Joe's Adventures - 15 mins

Quest for Joe Barbaro's treasure.

Mafia 2's Joe's Adventures dated, priced

Get your gangster on in November.

Story-based Mafia II DLC announced

Joe Barbaro gets his moment in the spotlight.

UK chart: Mafia II untouchable on top

RUSE, Spider-Man, Kingdom Hearts arrive.

August NPDs: Xbox 360 on top again

Wii has worst month since launch.

Digital Foundry | Mafia II's 2D foliage

Shades of 80s SEGA arcade games in Mafia II...

Digital Foundry | Mafia II PS3/Xbox 360 performance analysis

Frame rate tests from the final retail game.

Digital Foundry | Mafia II PS3/PC Face-Off

The PS3 goes head-to-head with the PC version of Mafia II.

Digital Foundry | Mafia II Xbox 360/PC Face-Off

Console against computer in like-for-like video.

Digital Foundry | Mafia II Xbox 360/PS3 Face-Off

The console versions compared via high quality video.

Video | Mafia II DLC gameplay

Jimmy's Vendetta detailed.

UK chart: Mafia II still top dog

Metroid: Other M misses top 10.

Take-Two "very proud" of Mafia II

Expects it to be profitable.

Video | Mafia II Jimmy's Vendetta DLC

New missions and arcade gameplay.

UK Charts: Mafia II takes top spot

All the obvious jokes already don.

UNICO: We ruined the Mafia II launch

Italian Americans against "ethnic bashing".

Review | Mafia II

Crime doesn't play.

Take-Two rubbishes Mafia II racism claims

Does not stereotype Italians, says Zelnick.

Digital Foundry | Mafia II demo performance analysis

DF checks out the controversial PS3 and 360 demo code...

2K: Mafia II loses some detail on PS3

But core gameplay remains the same.

Scott Pilgrim heads PS Store update

Mafia II demo now available to all.

Mafia II demo out now

24 hour PlayStation Plus exclusive on PS3.

UK PC gamers denied Mafia II CE

Moan and we'll break your legs.

Video | Mafia II gameplay footage

Gunning for your money.

Video | Mafia 2 Kick in the Head trailer

2K give you a trailer you can't refuse...

Mafia II demo dated

Try before you buy.

Mafia II, Civ V will use Steamworks

Mafia II Deluxe Ed on pre-order now.

Mafia II

Back for hood.

PS3 secures exclusive Mafia II DLC

An offer you can't refuse?

Sony ties up DLC/pack-in exclusives

For MOH, Dead Space, Mafia, Brotherhood.

Video | Mafia II's Tools of the trade

You can't buy these at B&Q.

Mafia II demo due out in August

Settling all of the formats' business.

Video | Mafia II - Nvidia Physx Trailer

They should really learn to spell 'physics'.

Mafia II Collector's Edition coming

DLC! Map! Soundtrack! Art book.

Video | Mafia II - latest developer diary

2K Czech's period punch-up gets closer.

Mafia II

Cosa nostalgia.

Mafia II dated

Due out in late August.

Red Dead slips, GTAIV sells 15m units

LA Noire, Mafia II, Max Payne 3 updates.

Mafia 2 due to arrive by August

Some time in Q3, says Take-Two boss.

Take-Two confirms early 2010 line-up

BioShock, Payne, Red Dead, Mafia by July.

Feature | Mafia II

Family reunion.

E3: Mafia II

Family matters.

Mafia II

Pre-E3 screens to consider.

Mafia II and Red Dead both delayed

Between November and end of April.

Mafia II

Family photos.

Feature | Mafia II

When I'm Cleaning Windows.

Mafia II

Cosa Nostra seen this for a while.

Mafia II formats set in stone

And sleeping with the fishes.

BioShock film and MMOG possible

Take-Two looking at Civ opportunities, too.

Mafia 2 revealed

Details, first shots.