Madden NFL 2011


Madden NFL 11

Quarterback once again.

VideoMadden NFL 2011 - first 15 minutes

"Football", though not as we know it.

VideoMadden NFL - AFC West trailer

No idea what AFC west is, but there's a man called Norv in it.

VideoMadden NFL 11 hits the field

Seriously, these guys are PUMPED.

Madden NFL 11

Madden NFL 11

Quarterback once again.

EA Sports has come to perfect the 12-month development cycle with titles like NHL and the FIFA series, but of all of its properties, none is as derided by gamers as Madden. Visit a forum for the American football series and you'd think Electronic Arts had mismanaged an oil leak in the Gulf of Mexico.

A lot of that hate stems from the NFL's exclusive contract with the publisher, essentially closing out all competitors. While there have been a few recent notable, but failed, attempts in Backbreaker and the Blitz series, Madden is still king at the registers and NFL football purists are left at the mercy of whatever EA has decided to address in its yearly offering.

Will they beef up the online play? Is Franchise Mode finally going to get a facelift? Will the emotionless commentating of Tom Hammond please stop?

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