Madden NFL 13

Madden NFL 13 Review

Madden NFL 13 Review

Same old line of scrimmage.

In sport, as in business, as in life, competition can only be a good thing. Without an opponent to pit your skills and development against, how can you know if you're improving? For proof of this maxim, you need look no further than the Madden games.

Unlike a lot of its EA Sports brethren, who have to stare down rivals year-in, year-out, the Madden series trundles along unchallenged, adding a tweak here and a tuck there, but never risking too much. Because EA holds all the exclusive rights to the NFL licence, Madden's audience of NFL fans are pretty much captive. The last game that even attempted to eat into Madden's sales figures was the woeful Backbreaker, and the only thing that game had going for it was a decent physics engine.

Now Madden has one of those too, in the form of Madden NFL 13's Infinity Engine, which admittedly is a fine piece of work. Collisions feel more organic and eye-watering tackles can send players pin-wheeling in mid-air. The engine renders every barge, bang and stumble in a way that looks realistic, even if the ball sometimes feels like it's finding its way into a receiver's glove like a guided missile. It goes along way towards capturing the head-cracking feel of the real thing.

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