Madden 2007

EA looking into Madden porn

After a 14 year-old sees some.

EA says that it's trying to work out how a teenager in Utah wound up exposed to a pornographic image when he turned on his Christmas copy of Madden.

EA embraces Live Marketplace

Publisher offers downloads for sports games, explains strategy.

EA is making a concerted move into downloadable content delivery on Xbox Live Marketplace with the launch of several premium packages for Madden NFL 07 and NCAA 07, and says we're only going to see more of it from now on.

Madden 07

Madden 07

Padding out an old game.

Look at that gloss. Great meaty beasts of men dripping in vibrant colour. Why isn't Rugby done like this? It's a much more exciting game than this padded American poppycock. Who doesn't want to see high-definition ear biting and ball stamping, or hear a giant Welsh hooker whispering scabrous dirt about his opposing number's mum across their surround sound set-up? Well, apart from the Americans.

Of course, Madden hasn't changed that much, as it never does. However, the different versions (we were playing the Xbox 360 version) have definitely changed in different ways. The Xbox 360 version is chock full of new modes if, under it all, they're all the same. Of course, it looks better than last year, though the high-def improvements are already starting to tail off and the limits of the Xbox 360's technology are already becoming apparent.

The main Madden game itself hasn't changed that much from the usual strategy-heavy NFL sim we know, but it sees the return of several elements that were cruelly dropped from last year's NFL 06 to cram it into the Christmas release schedule, including Superstar mode and online play. In terms of straightforward, in-game, differences, you've a little more control over your lead blocker, you can choose to jump start play at the risk of getting penalised if you go off too quickly, the running game has been improved slightly, with a highlight stick that makes it easier to avoid tackles, and a few other tweaks have been introduced.

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Madden Revolution at E3

With gesture system for control.

EA's announced that it's doing a version of Madden for Nintendo Revolution - with an impressive sounding gesture system for controlling the play.