App of the Day: Madcoaster

From Duck Hunt to Angry Birds, gaming has a rather fractious relationship with our feathered friends, but rarely has a title been quite so committed to the act of avicide as Madcoaster.

Sure, there are other animals to kill as the eponymous ride hurtles unstoppably onwards - you'll hit bears, hogs, and some unknown turquoise critter that I can never quite identify, such is the game's frantic pace - but 80 per cent of the animals you encounter have beaks and wings and an insect-rich diet.

Worse still, point rewards and side objectives actively encourage you to take them out. For the most part you can blame it on sheer bird-brained stupidity - hey, they shouldn't be flying so close to a runaway rollercoaster, right? - but then you happen across a magnet pickup which drags them into your path like an avian tractor beam. Occasionally the game will delight in informing you that "you got a rare bird", actively congratulating you for contributing to the extinction of a species. The RSPB would have a field day.

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