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Here's April's PlayStation Plus games line-up

Mad Max! Trackmania Turbo! More!

Sony has announced its PlayStation Plus games selection for the month of April, and it's another good 'un, dropping Mad Max and Trackmania Turbo into the laps of subscribers.

Watch 20 minutes of Mad Max gameplay

Watch 20 minutes of Mad Max gameplay

Meet lots of colourful characters (and blow most of them up).

A 20-minute section of Avalanche's upcoming Mad Max game has been revealed via IGN at Gamescom.

Set roughly halfway through the game, we see senior producer John Fuller walk us through a day in the life of Max as he deals with the dregs of the wasteland.

Like many open-world games, Mad Max tasks you with finding high vantage points to scour the scenery. Unlike a lot of similar titles, Mad Max requires you to actually observe each point of interest with your telescope before it gets added to your map.

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Much Mad Max actual gameplay footage

A good 10 minutes of proper Mad Max gameplay footage has been shown at E3.

Developer Avalanche Studios aired the footage during a videoed PlayStation sit-down. The footage is a mixture of direct feed and off-screen, interspersed with talking-head interview shots.

The footage shows many elements of the game. There's the Batman-inspired rhythmical melee fighting; there's the heavy vehicle customisation; there's vehicular combat.

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New gameplay video shows Mad Max game has a Thunderdome

The new Mad Max game by Just Cause developer Avalanche has a Thunderdome! That's a domed gladiatorial cage as made famous by film Mad Max 3 and strutting singer Tina Turner, who ran it.

That's not all the brand new Mad Max gameplay trailer shows - we see driving, combat, car/person customisation menues. In other words, we see the game and what it will be like to play.

It's handsome, dust billowing behind vehicles as they race across the harsh wasteland, giant explosions flaring into a relentlessly scorching sky above. What looks like rhythmical combat - a hallmark of publisher Warner's Batman Arkham series - delivers convincing heft, brutality and grunt.

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Mad Max release date set for September on PC, PS4, Xbox One

Warner Bros. has announced a 4th September release date for Avalanche Studios' Mad Max in the UK.

That date applies to the game's PC, PlayStation 4 and Xbox One versions.

There's no mention at all of the previously-announced PS3 and Xbox 360 editions, and a Game Informer report confirms that these have been "left by the wayside" to focus on optimising the PC and current-gen versions instead.

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Adam Sandler's gaming comedy Pixels gets a release date

Adam Sandler's gaming comedy Pixels gets a release date

Out the same day as the Mad Max reboot.

Adam Sandler's upcoming comedy Pixels arrives in cinemas on 15th May 2015.

The gaming-themed flick sees a number of classic 8-bit characters let loose over New York City, and a crack team of expert gamers brought in to battle them.

It's based on a popular YouTube short film of the same name, embedded below, which features appearances by Frogger, Donkey Kong and Pac-Man.

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Mad Max game "a couple of years" off

Director says games no longer "poor cousin".

George Miller, the Australian film director of the Mad Max series and that one with the talking pig, has revealed that the Mad Max game he's working on with God of War II director Cory Barlog is around two years from completion.

God of War man doing Mad Max game

Movie delayed to give him plenty of time.

George Miller, director of the Mad Max films, has confirmed a videogame tie-in will be released alongside the latest instalment in the series.