MacGuffin's Curse

App of the Day: MacGuffin's Curse

Is there a genre more resilient than the puzzler? Seriously, decades pass, fortunes wain, oceans rise and platformers give way to shooters, yet puzzle games are always just quietly getting on with things. Timeless to look at and effortless to pick up, whether you're shifting cubes, connecting lines or chaining colours, this kind of fun is never going to grow old. If it's true that every narrative is, on some level, a mystery story, perhaps every game is, from the right perspective, a puzzler. Maybe puzzles lurk at the very heart of gaming? Maybe I should have finished this paragraph much earlier, quitting while I was still, briefly, ahead? Who knows, eh? It's all so puzzling.

MacGuffin's Curse is very definitely a puzzle game, anyway, a block-puller and switch-flipper that will keep you plugging away for hours. It's a selection of one-screen challenges telling the story of a reluctant thief who's stolen an amulet that turns him into a werewolf whenever he steps into the moonlight.

In this hairy state, he can pull heavy crates and batteries around, break stuff, and engage in anything that generally requires a bit of oomf - but he can't interact with machinery, swim across water, or squeeze through gaps in walls. For that, he needs to revert to human form, and most of the game's puzzles emerge from reading the environment, and then working out when and where to pull off a transformation.

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