Lumines Live News

Lumines coming to iPhone

Plus price drops on 360 and PS3.

Lumines added to Steam

Musical blocks.

Lumines heads to PC

Musical squares.

Lumines Live price cut

Plus new DLC. All tomorrow.

Lumines dev fights climate change

Plans DLC with some proceeds for NGOs and good causes.

Lumines extras nearly 180MB!

Perhaps explains the break-up.

Lumines Live extras soon

Promo-priced content packs.

Xbox chap defends Lumines

"This is about choice" - Canessa.

Advance pack for Lumines Live

Out now, with more content soon.

Mizuguchi defends Lumines 360

As pricing comes under fire.

Lumines Live! on XBLA

Contra, Gyruss etc. to follow.

Lumines Live achievements

Yes, but when's it out?

Lumines Live 'next month'

Mizuguchi 'thinks so' anyway.

Lumines Live details

Sounds pricey.