Lumines Live

Lumines coming to iPhone

Plus price drops on 360 and PS3.

Q Entertainment has revealed that it's to release its hypnotic musical block-puzzler, Lumines, for the iPhone, reports 1up.

FeatureQ Entertainment's Tetsuya Mizuguchi

Remakes, revolutions and the future of media.

Tucked away in one of central Tokyo's sprawling, bustling regions, Q Entertainment's office building is small and incongruous - but impossible to miss, thanks to the striking logo on the side. "Q?" it asks. "Hopefully," responds the somewhat lost foreign journalist.

Lumines Live price cut

Plus new DLC. All tomorrow.

A bit like when my mouse cursor goes to sleep, or when Nanna rings to ask why I'm not married yet, the original price of Lumines Live was met with shouting. Good news then for those of you who didn't bother with it, because Q is permanently cutting the price on Wednesday, 17th October.

Lumines dev fights climate change

Plans DLC with some proceeds for NGOs and good causes.

Q Entertainment is preparing to launch a raft of summer content for Lumines Live next week, and to help make up for all those whirring processors it's donating a portion of the proceeds to climate protection NGOs (non-government organisations) and other good causes.

Lumines extras nearly 180MB!

Perhaps explains the break-up.

Lumines Live's promised downloadable content packs are now available to download from Xbox Live Marketplace, but you'll need to set aside more than a few minutes to grab them.

Lumines Live extras soon

Promo-priced content packs.

Microsoft and Q Entertainment are taking over again next Xbox Live Wednesday to deliver a trio of content packs for Lumines Live.

Xbox chap defends Lumines

"This is about choice" - Canessa.

Xbox Live Arcade group manager Greg Canessa has defended Q Entertainment's decision to include just a handful of levels for three of Lumines Live's main game modes and then sell more later, arguing, "if you criticise Lumines for this, you gotta criticise a whole bunch of other games".

Advance pack for Lumines Live

Out now, with more content soon.

Microsoft has released the "Advance Challenge Pack" for Lumines Live, just two days after the game's debut on Xbox Live Arcade.

Lumines Live!

Lumines Live!

Puzzle: confusion.

"If you've already played this on another platform it's not got much to offer, but for newcomers this verges on essential," is, as my friend pointed out to me last night, one of the most painful phrases a game reviewer ever has to reproduce, and yet here is where we find ourselves because, although its brilliance as a puzzle game is beyond question, Lumines' qualities are less important to the people within whose domiciles the PSP rests as commonly as the Xbox 360 (particularly those of you who stole both, because who's that at the door hide the stuff).

In fact, disillusion over its content is likely to be far more pronounced among people who own the original Lumines than is usual in these circumstances, because Q Entertainment has rather naively assumed that withholding game content will be viewed as freedom of choice, rather than a wilful decision on its part to squeeze fans for more money. It doesn't help that the basic Lumines Live package is already one of the most expensive games on Xbox Live Arcade at 1200 Microsoft points - just over a tenner in old money.

Lumines Live consists of Challenge, Skin Edit, Time Attack, Puzzle, Mission, Vs. CPU and multiplayer modes. The latter supports online Duels as well as two-player games played out on one console, and all of your scores in each mode are also uploaded to global leaderboards, allowing you to see just how good you really are (Lumines veterans will be pleased to hear that the highest recordable score is well above 999,999 this time, too). Additional content packs will be made available in the future, and this is what attracts concern. In their present form, Vs. CPU offers just one stage, while Puzzle and Mission modes both offer five stages each. Even novices will clear them all in minutes, leaving us all to wait for the "Vs. CPU Pack" and "Puzzle/Mission Pack" mentioned when you reach the end of what's included. Meanwhile, an "Advance" option in Challenge mode tells you to wait for the "Advance Pack", which will apparently add 22 new skins (which alter gameplay conditions as well as music and background) and cost 600 points.

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Mizuguchi defends Lumines 360

As pricing comes under fire.

Lumines creator Tetsuya Mizuguchi has defended the decision to offer a lot of the Xbox Live Arcade version's content as downloadable extras rather than including them in the full game.

Lumines Live! on XBLA

Contra, Gyruss etc. to follow.

Xbox Live may have been down since Tuesday, but when it pops back up in the (very) near future, you'll be able to download Lumines Live! via Xbox Live Arcade. (Update: And now it has.)

Lumines Live achievements

Yes, but when's it out?

Anticipation is building ahead the release of Lumines Live with the release of the list of Xbox 360 achievements offered in-game.

Lumines Live 'next month'

Mizuguchi 'thinks so' anyway.

Lumines creator Tetsuya Mizuguchi, speaking at Nordic Game in Sweden, has confirmed that Lumines Live will release in October.

Lumines Live details

Lumines Live details

Sounds pricey.

Lumines Live will be available in a base version and players will have to pay extra to download new music, and possibly extra again to play versus mode against other people.

That's according to Lumines creator Tetsuya Mizuguchi, who has been opening up a bit more about the forthcoming Xbox Live Arcade version of the game. Speaking to Game Informer, Mizuguchi said "every mode will have a price".

The base game will be a mixture of old and new music, Mizuguchi says, although the core gameplay will largely the same. Downloadable tracks and videos for new artists, however, which will allow you to customise the experience to your own musical tastes, will cost extra - with associated costs yet to be decided.

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