Lumines II News

Ubisoft announces Vita line-up

Rayman, Lumines, Assassin's Creed, more.

Lumines PSP unlikely to appear on PSN

Publishing and licensing complications.

Lumines added to Steam

Musical blocks.

Lumines heads to PC

Musical squares.

Mizuguchi talks Lumines II

In Sweden, of all places.

Lumines II track listing

Beck, Go! Team, Fatboy Slim - it's all a bit different.

Mizuguchi talks Lumines II

Some famous artists signed.

Lumines to appear on PS3?

Quite likely, reckons Mizuguchi.

Lumines for PS2, new Meteos

BVG to publish Lumines II, Every Extend Extra, new titles.

Lumines 2 at E3?

Sony lets slip.

Mizuguchi on Lumines 2

Q's working on it, and the max score will be higher!