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The age of free Love - the game - has begun

Eskil Steenberg: "Now I just want people to play it."

FeatureHave videogames lost the plot?

A look at why games don't tell good stories.

Love man calls Kinect "pretty worthless"

Good only for dancing and aerobics.

FeatureEskil Steenberg: Love Maker

"I am an entire team! I've had to be an entire team."

Love reveals first expansion AVAIL

Adds player progression, resources.

Indie MMO Love gets release date

Official launch in March.


What is love? And how do I play?

Indie MMO Love heads into beta

Small charge for server access.

FeatureMMOs' wild frontier

Think it takes a publishing sugar-daddy and big budget to make an MMO? Think again.


Mysterious and beautiful.