Lost Planet 2 News

Inafune: Capcom forced sequel output

Defied bosses to develop Dead Rising.

Capcom FY2011 results: 5 million-sellers

But mysteriously no SSFIV 3DS results.

Dead Rising 2, Lost Planet 2 sales

Plus, Super Street Fighter IV does well.

Lost Planet 2 "substantially underperformed" - Capcom

Monster Hunter Tri sales "sluggish".

Lost Planet 2 on top in Japan

Helps PS3 be best-selling console.

UK charts: FIFA denies Alan Wake win

Skate 3, Lost Planet 2 finish high.

Helghast heading to Lost Planet 2

Exclusive skins next month. Vid inside.

Lost Planet 2 multiplayer demo on PSN

Plus: After Burner! Lead and Gold!

EA/Capcom games dodge volcano delays

FIFA World Cup, SSFIV, LP2 on time.

Capcom unveils BC: Rearmed 2

Plus: Okamiden in 2011, lots of DLC news.

Monster Hunter in Lost Planet 2 PS3

Plus: Frank West is back!

Lost Planet 2 brought forward a week

Limited-access MP demo next week.

Lost Planet 2 split-screen confirmed

LP2 and SSFIV pre-order goodies, too.

Gears characters playable in Lost Planet 2

Fenix and Santiago already signed up.

Lost Planet 2, SSFIV get release dates

Plus: Monster Hunter Tri due in April.

Capcom delays LP2, SSFIV, MH3

Avoids Q1 2010 like the autumn.

LP2 will appeal to West, reckons Takeuchi

But he's not keen on collaboration.

Pre-order Lost Planet 2, get free skin

And play as Resident Evil's Wesker.

PSN: Lost Planet 2, Ninja Gaiden demos

Plus Fallout 3: Broken Steel and more.

Lost Planet 2 co-op demo coming to PS3

It'll be available a week from today.

Lost Planet 2 co-op demo next week

Only on Xbox Live. Goldies go first.

Lost Planet 2 demo for XBL "soon"

Four-player co-op, as seen at E3.

E3: Lost Planet 2 confirmed for PS3

Akrid you not. Out "early 2010".

Downloadable Lost Planet 2 demo at E3

Or thereabouts, says Jun Takeuchi.

Dead Rising 2, Lost Planet 2 "next year"

Capcom sequels belong to 2010.

Lost Planet 2 to have four-player co-op

Plus customisable heroes to stand out.

Capcom reveals Lost Planet 2

Jungles, co-op, big bosses.