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Lost Planet 2

Gears of thaw.

Rapacious seduction is a trick Capcom has been honing for a long time now, constructing entire franchises around the painful allure of the apocalyptic boss encounter. But although the publisher seems to have been on a mission to outdo itself via Resident Evil, Dino Crisis, Onimusha and Monster Hunter, it wasn't until Lost Planet came along in 2007 that it was brazen enough to build a game almost entirely around slaying nightmarish, colossal, screen-filling beasts.

Lost Planet 2

Fun for four.

However hard other developers may try, Capcom remains the master of the heart-in-mouth, adrenaline-soaked boss fight. The sandworm thing that the four of us are currently trying to kill is about 50 times the size of the cannon-mounted freight train that we're fighting it from. Every time it emerges from the sand with an ear-shattering, screeching roar to gobble up another carriage as if it were a Smartie, we all instinctively reel back in our seats. Lost Planet 2 has a shot at being the best euphoric four-player monster-killing experience since, well, Monster Hunter. (Yes, I know I namedrop Monster Hunter in practically everything I ever write. Take the hint, people!)

FeatureLost Planet 2

Insect propellant.

Like a lot of Capcom's output at the moment, Lost Planet: Extreme Condition was Western in principle but Japanese in execution, so it's no surprise when producer Jun Takeuchi - taking over from R&D boss Keiji Inafune, who's up to his jugular in the blood and guts of Dead Rising 2 - announces that the sequel owes a lot to "Call of Duty". Us either. Apparently it's quite big on the internet.